Morning Meanderings… The BIG News revealed and ITS ALIVE!!!!!


Good morning.  I smile because I am drinking out of that exact cup in the picture. 😀  But there is more to smile about as well.  I mentioned Wine and Words a while back… the event the Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library thought they would give a try for this coming fall.  I mentioned yesterday that I had news to reveal but needed to finish one last thing.

Last night about 11:35 pm I finished the last thing. 

And now… it’s ready to talk about, sqqquuuuuueeee about and oh please…. pass it on!  😛

Wine and Words-03

The point of Wine and Words was to create an author event locally that would have appeal for people to purchase tickets, have a silent auction, author presentation and a nice dinner.  Afterwards you would be able to purchase books and have them signed. 

It was a big idea with a lot of details…. we needed sponsors for printing, designing, rooms for the authors, free wine during the silent auction and of course – we needed wonderful authors too who would agree to come and hang out with us and talk….

and before I knew it… we were clicking off that to do list quickly.  Far more quickly then I thought we would. 

SO if you click on the logo above it will take you to the website and I hope you do check it out….  However I can not wait to share with you the authors who have already committed as Minnesotan’s are going to be thrilled about a couple of them for sure… and my blogger bookish BEA buddies are going to be thrilled about a couple other names.

I present to you… the current authors for Wine and Words:


I know right?  😛

Kent William Krueger is a Minnesota author who has won many awards, has many books and just over all a super addition to our list.  He just had a book released called Ordinary Grace and it is receiving wonderful reviews.  He has another book coming out right around the time of Wine and Words.

Wendy Webb, also a Minnesota author and just had her second book come out in February, The Fate Of Mercy Alban, based off a mansion in Duluth Minnesota.  SHe has a third book coming out in January 2014.

Sandra Brannan is a three book author with her In The Belly Of Jonah kick off series.  Those of you who were at BEA in 2010 and 2011 may remember this new author.  She is down to earth, real and a joy to hang out with.  Her 4th book, Noah’s Rainy Day is due out the first week in September.

Sarah Pekkanen is an author of 4 books, her 4th book The Best Of Us comes out April 9th and again BEA people you may remember this delight of an author as well.  My very first year I went to BEA in 2010, I won my BEA trip from her in a contest (I know… I am still excited about that one!) and really got to know Sarah as we toured Simon and Schuster together and went to the Blogger event together.  Contacting her to see if she would come was a LONG SHOT…. but when I emailed her she promptly responded when she seen on my blog what I was working on she hoped I would ask her. 

I still am looking for a 5th author and have a few emails out there but things have come together so nicely I am really not worried about it. 

SO there it is.  I hope you check out Wine and Words.  I hope you tell your friends.  I hope if you live anywhere near me you plan on coming.  I know a few of you bloggers in Minnesota that I would love to see attend.  Email me and I will see if I can work out a discount at the Lodge on rooms.  It is going to be awesome 😀

Proceeds of Wine and Words is going to assist with literacy programs in our community.  If you are an author or a publisher or a book seller and wish to contribute to our silent auction or table sponsorships, shoot me a message – my email is

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The BIG News revealed and ITS ALIVE!!!!!

  1. Wonderful lineup and fab responses! Congrats Sheila on such fine efforts ! Wondering if Julie Klassen is one of the authors you’re recruiting ? would be an amazing accomplishment and huge draw. Def a great addition to possibly consider [ if you haven’t already ] !

    ALL the Best!

  2. Awesome, Sheila! The schedule for the event itself sounds great, a nice evening to go to. I only know of Sarah Pekkanen from that list of authors, but it’s she’s anything to go by regarding the others, that is quite a coup! Hope it goes well 🙂

  3. How exciting! I’m so wishing I could be there. Who knows, maybe I need a trip home in the middle of August.

    The Fate of Mery Alban just went on my wishlist. Once I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read it.

    Hope you have a blast with this event!

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