Six Years by Harlan Coben



Six years ago Jake Fisher met the girl of his dreams.  Natalie came into his life like an answered prayer.  They had a whirlwind romance, and Jake could not imagine life ever being any better and he felt they would be together forever.  Then, as suddenly as Natalie had walked into his life, she walked out.  Claiming a love for someone else, someone named Todd Sanderson who she had once dated.

Jake, heartbroken and helpless can do nothing as his dreams of a future with Natalie vaporize into thin air.  When she marries Todd shortly after, Jake has to see the wedding for himself still not believing that his Natalie was gone.  But as he watched her say “I do”, and slip a ring on her finger, there is no denying that she has moved on.  Before Natalie leaves the chapel she asks Jake to promise to never look for her, to never try to contact her.  And helplessly, he promises.

Now, six years later and working as a College Professor, an obituary he stumbles upon on-line captures his eye.  Todd Sanderson has died.  Suddenly Jake’s promise doesn’t seem to hold as he vows to go to the funeral and see his Natalie, one more time.  Yet the woman who mourns for the loss of her husband is not Natalie, and crazier yet, this woman has been married to Todd for over 20 years.

As Todd tried to go back to where Natalie and he had met to look for clues as to what has happened and where she went people who they knew together act as they do not know him… and the more bizarre it becomes, the more Todd digs in, letting go of a six-year promise, and trying to find the truth…




Holy smokes…. there is nothing like a good read bu Harlan Coben to put your reading mojo on the right track.  When I opened this book a few days ago the plan was to read a few pages just to get the feel for what it was about.  That was enough to hook me and have trouble putting it down until I turned that last delicious page.

There are so many wonderful reasons I like Coben’s writing.  I tell people that Stephen King is hard and dark and sometimes far out there, than Dean Koontz is a mellower version of King, a little funnier, still dark…. then there is Coben.  Coben grabs the reader and entangles you in the story before you have a chance to walk away, he is funny and witty, rarely dark, and I love all of that.


The woman at the desk had a helmety beehive hairdo last seen on a senator’s wife circa 1964.  She hit me with a smile so wooden I could have knocked on it for luck.

~ page 389


Six Years was a delight to read.  A great protagonist, a believable storyline… do not hesitate to become a new Harlan Coben devoted fan by reading this book.  Just remember you can not be president of his fan club, because I am pretty sure that would be me.  😀

On another fun note… Six Years was part of a bidding war for rights to the movie and Paramount won and Hugh Jackman will play Jake.  Awesome right? 

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  1. Harlan is an awesome writer. I can get so wrapped up in his stories and they always have me guessing 🙂

  2. Wow, this one does sound good! Time to rejoin this author….

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed this book. I have it on reserve at the library. My sister is reading it also and feels the same as you, cannot put it down. Another great author is Linwood Barclay. His newest book, Trust your Eyes is awesome.

  4. Great review thanks! I just put it on hold at my library. I haven’t read Coben in awhile but I always love his stories

  5. I haven’t read this one but I really love Harlan Coben! I like his stand alone novels, not really the Myron Bolitar ones, and they are just suspenseful, easy to read, and enjoyable.

  6. I’m always a little leery of thrillers, since I never seem to like them as much as I do a straight mystery. You do have me intrigued on this one though.

  7. I’ve only read one Harlan Coben – I loved it so I’m not sure why I haven’t read more.

  8. On my list! Wasn’t aware of the movie rights though. Thanks for the great review.

  9. Okay, you hooked me! I think this will be my first Coben. I am hooked and I simply must find out what happens! Awesome about the movie too. I love Hugh Jackman. 🙂

    Great review!

  10. I am yet to read a Harlan Coben but this one might just be it – it sounds intriguing! Thanks for reviewing it.

  11. I’d read this just for the story, it sounds absolutely brilliant, a very complex plot. And if it’s going to be adapted for film, well, all the more reason!

  12. Love, love, love Harlan Coben, can’t wait to read this one. Sounds like it’s his best yet!!

  13. Haven’t tried a Harlen Coben yet. Must do!

  14. We are reading Six Years for our book club this month. Tried searching for questions on the book we can discuss and can’t seem to find any. How about sending me some questions that would make for a good discussion.

  15. Nice review, Sheila. I did have a little trouble believing Jake would be so in love with Natalie after she treated him so badly, but Coben always writes an entertaining if formulaic story. I don’t think he takes himself or writing too seriously and that keeps it fun. You keep up the good reviews.

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