Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah



Elizabeth Shore used to love to paint and was considered to be possibly good with a little direction and training.  Yet, at a young age Elizabeth met and fell in love with Jack and dreams of painting went to the wayside as they raise two beautiful daughters, and follow Jack around to wherever his sports career will take them.

When the girls are raised and off to college, Jack struggles to keep his career afloat and when an opportunity to jump-start that career is offered, Jack jumps at the chance to take it, once again disrupting their lives for his needs without consulting Elizabeth first.  No longer having the buffer of her daughters, and worrying about her ailing father, Elizabeth decided enough is enough.  She is tired of feeding Jack’s ego while her dreams wash away.  While Jack goes on and on about what HE wants and what HE needs… Elizabeth wondered if he even has a clue of what she would like or need.

Elizabeth decided its time for her to find the woman she lost within herself and asks Jack to move to New York without her for his career while she takes time away.  She goes to their isolated beach house to discover a wonderful womans groups, a link to painting again, and a connection with her step mother she never had before.

Finding herself seems to also open doors to discovering who she is without Jack and leading up to doors opening before her she never dreamed were there and the ultimate decision of choosing a life with or without Jack.



Kristin Hannah has a formula in her writing of couples and families in crisis, separating and them finding happiness again.  Yes it can be predictable, but you know what?  It can also be fun.  Hannah’s characters jump off the pages and I truly felt for Elizabeth’s loss of identity and she for years spent time in her husbands shadow.

What I liked about this particular book is that you do not only get Elizabeth’s side, but Jack’s too.  I liked reading that Jack was surprised when the woman he has loved all his life stands up and says “enough”.  I liked watching his reevaluation of his life and decisions as well, coming to the ultimate decision that could either make or break his connection to his wife.

Distant Shores is a lovely read of love and loss and the possibility of starting again.  Its beautifully written, engaging, and filled with hope.

5 thoughts on “Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah

  1. Two of Kristin Hannah’s made my favourite read list last year and I’ve enjoyed all the others. Haven’t read this one yet but will definitely check it out!

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