Morning Meanderings… Happy Birthday Mater!


Good morning!  Today is all about Mater!  Recently when looking at his papers he came with from the vet, I noted that he was born on March 6.  I made a note not to forget that. 😀

Mater came on our radar last July when my Navy son was home and had a friend who worked at a Vet near by and told him the story of Mater.  Mater was an abused puppy part beagle part basset hound who had a serious surgery at 10 weeks old because his owners were giving him alcohol.  After the surgery, Mater was placed in a foster home where he fell out of the back of a movie truck and broke his shoulder and had another surgery.


Hearing his story my heart went out to this little dog.  They were looking to find him a good home and were interviewing people.  I was told that many people had tried to get him and were denied.  They wanted to make sure whoever adopted him would provide him a “forever home”.

That third week on July, after an hour interview with the vet and three hours of waiting by the phone, we were told he was ours.


He fit right in…. played until he would fall asleep with bones still in his mouth.




He grew fast – but made best friends with Sammy.

Happy Birthday Mater!

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  1. I’m so glad sweet Mater found a home with you!

  2. Oh, I’m tearing up here…happy tears for Mater and for you. Hope he enjoys all his new bones and whatever else he gets today.

  3. Aw what an adorable dog. So glad he ended up with you guys and got the good home he deserved. Happy birthday Mater!

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday Mater. 😀

  5. You, Sheila, have a heart that knows no boundaries. You inspire me…and exhaust me at the same time!

  6. So adorable! Happy birthday to him!

  7. I am sooooooo glad that Mater has you for a mom and has four-legged friends too!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  8. Awwww, Mater’s story made me go all teary eyed. Happy Birthday Mater!

  9. What a sweetie!

  10. So cute, give him belly rubs from me…. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday Mater ! Give…..oh heck….. give all three of them a hug and a kiss for me.

  12. Happy Birthday-Mater. You have found the perfect forever home. Sheila I am so glad your home is the home they chose.

  13. Happy Birthday to that cute little guy:)

  14. Happy Birthday Mater! I’m having some friends, Clifford and Marmaduke, bring you some gourmet dog biscuts.

  15. Happy Birthday to Mater! He is just so adorable. Here’s to many more. 🙂

  16. Oh Happy Birthday Mater! He’s so cute! you are an angel for giving him a home 🙂

  17. What an awful beginning to life, that poor little guy. I’m glad he found a home with you guys!

  18. Omg, reading his back story made me teary. People who treat animals badly make me sick. I just don’t understand it. I am so glad he found a forever home with you, he has his happily ever after now. 🙂 He is so stinking cute!!

  19. What a cute story! Mater is lucky to have you 🙂

  20. Mater is a cutie! You are blessings for each other, I am sure. My first dog was a beagle and they’ve had a place in my heart ever since. Happy birthday, Mater!

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