Morning Meanderings… Ahhhh… March In Minnesota


Good morning!  Less than two weeks out from my first 7K of the year and I wake to this:


Two days ago it was melting like the wicked witch of the west, now it is back in full force.  It started snowing yesterday afternoon just lightly, by the time I got out of the gym at 6:30 pm it had a good two inches on the ground and now…


now I wait for the sun.  😀

I have no big book news to report as I ran around all day yesterday and by the time I stopped moving it was 8 pm and after trying to do a little blogging and a little tv watching, I gave up and was in bed by 10:30.  Hopefully today I will get a little time to dig into beautiful Creatures, and a little audio too.

I am curious, friends in other places – how is your spring coming along? 

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  1. we are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I rode 54 miles Saturday and it was 98 degrees. I was not expecting the heat-we did a lot of hill climbing and I was thrashed.

  2. Spring in Montreal, Quebec is exactly like yours in Minnesota. As a matter of fact, it felt like you were describing our weather precisely!

  3. Wow, trudging out to put wood in the stove won’t be fun in that!

  4. I hate to tell you this, Sheila, but spring here is lovely this year. It isn’t always….and it’s usually a quick one before the heat descends. I’m loving it…blossoms, the air (even though my allergies come out!), and the feeling of renewal. Sappy…huh?

  5. Happy to report here in southern Ontario, it’s green everywhere and while no sun is out, it sits around freezing point. Quite mild still.

  6. 7+ inches in Bloomington with snow showers. It’s beautiful!! But I’m ready for daffodils and warm breezes.

  7. Spring doesn’t know what it’s doing here in Texas yet! It was 82 yesterday and 47 today! Yikes! The Bradford pear trees are blooming like crazy though, and I spied a daffodil or two yesterday while out running errands!

  8. Our crocuses and hyacinths are popping up! Oh me oh my!

  9. Spring? My spring looks a lot like yours!

  10. We finally have some sun in Philly today. The winter has been cold, windy and pretty dark this year. no snow at all, and maybe one teensy weensy ice storm. Not even it sleeted and froze. So looking forward to Spring! Hope the snow melts quickly.

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