A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson



Fifteen year old Mosey Slocumb wants to be like other girls her age.  She wants to have close girl friends, she wants to date boys, and she wants to have a mom and a dad who love her to the core. 

But none of this seems to be in the cards for her.

Mosey lives with her grandmother “Big” Virginia who feels that something bad happens every fifteen years.  Why she had her own daughter, Mosey’s mom, Liza, when she was 15.  Liza in turn had Mosey at 15 and when Liza turned 30 she has a massive stroke, that seems to carry a lot of mystery around it. 

Then as if life is not mixed up enough, while a pool is being put in for Liza’s therapy a small box of infant bones is found during the dig and life takes yet another spin…

Whose bones are they and who holds the secret to that answer?




This is my third book/audio by Joshilyn Jackson.  I have listened to Gods In Alabama, and Backseat Saints.  All three of these audio books are narrated by the author and if you are an audio book person you are going to love her narration.  If you are new to audio, these books would be wonderful starters as she is a captivating read.

A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty is a bit different from the previous two books I read.  Because of Mosely’s age and occasional first person narration of the book, you could almost call this a YA read.  Almost.  Big is also a first person narrator of the book and Liza comes in as a third person narration, mainly recalling the past and what she wishes she could change.  The result of this style of writing is impressive as you are hearing from the three generations of women with only 15 years between each of them. 

I found the story line engaging but occasionally hard to keep track of the present and the past that were being discussed by the current narrator, you really had to pay attention to the perspective that the story was being told from, Mosely’s being the easiest to follow as she has a younger tone and voice.

Over all, I am once again thrilled with the creativity of Joshilyn Jackson, while this is not my favorite of hers that I have listened to, I am glad I spent time with it and look forward to reading/listening to her again.

8 thoughts on “A Grown Up Kind Of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson

  1. I’ve been curious about this one…I also enjoy Joshilyn Jackson, but have still to read Backseat Saints. I understand that that one is a sequel to Gods in Alabama.

    What’s up with characters named “Big” in your reads? lol

    1. Isn’t that “Big” thing weird. I don’t think I have ever read a book before with a character named “Big” and not I read two back to back. 😛 Yes Backseat Saints is a sequel to Gods In Alabama which I read in reverse order. 😀

  2. I loved this book! And yes, it is almost a YA read. I’ve recommended it to a couple of my high school girls. I love the back and forth in time writing. Have you read Sarah Jio? I like her stories as well.

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