Morning Meanderings… March! Need to pick up the pace :)


Whoa!  Is anyone else looking at their calendar and wondering what happened to February?  😯  It just flew by right?  On one hand I am thinking “YAY!!!  We are close to Spring and grass and bike rides and gardens!”  On the other hand I am thinking “Holy smokes. I am behind on book reviews, I have big projects coming up I need to get going on…”


So yeah, if you know me you probably look at that above paragraph and think, “Yeah, that’s sounds about right for you… nothing really different from any other month, or year… ” And honestly… you would be right. 😀

Today I have a little to do list I will be working on.  Normally a day off for me can be like a “free space” on a bingo card and I can let myself veg out, lay low, read, or watch a movie…  while that may happen later today- it is not going to be the norm anymore.  I have made myself a little check list for the day:

1.  I needed to write my month 2 Challenge post for the 12K Challenge and recap for month 1.  (Done!)

2.  I wanted to put up this post (Done!)

3.  I need to write my Shine On post for the reading of The Shining. (Done!)

4.  I need to connect with the Lodge today and see if they will host our September Wine and Words Library fundraiser so I have something to share with the Friends of The Library at our meeting on Monday.

5.  I have lunch with friends at 1:00.

6.  I need to pop into the library and reset the Book Clubs window for March

7.  Pay my cell phone bill.  (Done!)

8.  Do a little shopping. 

9.  End of month wrap up post here.

10.  Get in a work out. 

There is more I need to do, could do – but I am not putting it on me today.  If I can get this done I am happy. 😀  Another goal for this month is to get back to my visiting other blogs.  I miss it 😀 

Ok – better get moving! 

7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… March! Need to pick up the pace :)

  1. Sounds like your busy, but I also need to step up the pace–on both my writing AND my exercise! I’ve earmarked today to spend with my brothers, though, so I’ll have to start the stepping up on Monday. 😀 Good luck to us both!

  2. I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do. Yeah, February flew for me too and March promises to be super busy. My kids are on Spring Break officially at the end of their school day today. And we have lots planned. What a month this will be!

  3. Gosh, that sounds like a busy, busy day. I have to agree with you on February. It seems it just started and it’s done. Hard to believe its already March but that does mean close to spring and that’s enough to make me smile. Lol.

  4. Making a list helps so much! I try to organize mine further with the things that must get done today and the things that need to get done…eventually.
    I hope you had a great and productive day!

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