Morning Meanderings… I Would Be A Messy Single Woman


Good morning!  Happy Tuesday, 😀

I am now over two weeks with AL (hubby) having been in Florida at the Equipment Auctions.  I suspect looking at equipment for our business to him, is much like me going to the book expo…. EXHILARATING!  However, as much as I enjoy coming home and not having to cook a meal or wash as much laundry… I do miss him and this week I am counting the days until he is home.

I have also noticed, I am not the super neat person I thought I was.  Without anyone here but me, the table has become my domain.  From papers to review, books to mail, books to write reviews, agendas, and even my tennis shoes from last nights workout at the gym, a hair clip, and even a stray sock…. I am somewhat of a mess…  😛

Seriously – I took a picture of it:


Wow right?  Now you know too much about me. 😀  I will have to get this cleaned up before Al gets home… he will think I have lost it.  😛

In bookish news, I am reading, not as much as I would like – but I am getting there.  I can’t complain about a busy life because I like the diversity of all I do from researching books, to writing, to working out, to hanging with friends, to being on committees, to filling a wood stove, to being a friend, to watching cheesy movies, to working in an environment I love. Getting up early… staying up late.   Challenging myself to be a better version of me.  I really… wouldn’t change a thing. 😀

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Would Be A Messy Single Woman

  1. I have been single for a long time, now….and I admit that there have been days when things get messy around here, too. But since I photograph my spaces a lot (to blog about things), that kind of keeps me on my toes. lol

    My office is my messiest space, I think…but it’s that creative kind of mess…like your table.

  2. I have fallen into poor housekeeping habits during cancer treatment and recovery. Now as my energy very slowly returns, and some stamina too, I have so much catching up to do I get discouraged. However, I figure if Dave is bothered by it, he can jolly well do some cleaning himself. (He does wash dishes most of the time, bless him.) We’ve discovered the house doesn’t really need to be absolutely clean and tidy for us to be happy. I think if I were you, I would remove the sock and the shoes from the table, though. 😀

  3. LOL – trust me, I’m a single woman and I am soooo messy! I rarely use my kitchen table for anything that kitchen tables are used for…it stores mail, clothes, stuff I don’t know what to do with yet, etc. I clean it off if I’m having more than one person over for dinner, but otherwise it is never used. I’m this way with almost anything that doesn’t have space that I want for a specific purpose. Like the half of my bed where no one sleeps is an extension of my closet!

    This was a huge issue between my ex and I, because as much as I try to be less messy, it’s really hard. My brain doesn’t function normally if things are too clean. I just naturally put things in random places for awhile. At this point, I’ve just accepted it about myself. I live alone, all the space in my house is mine, so I deal with things as I want to. It’ll be interesting to deal with if I ever have kids!

  4. We had a large dining table and half of it was always cluttered with stuff (esp since we used to do our homeschooling at it) so we decided since only half the table was ever available to us for eating we would sell the large table and get one half the size that way we couldn’t leave it covered with stuff. The theory doesn’t work in practice and now we have a fully cluttered table and have to clear it before each meal. Lol. There’s something homely about a messed up table though makes the house feel lived it. I love your messy table!

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