Morning Meanderings… Coming Home


Good morning from Trout Lake Camp!  I am at the morning of our final day at camp.  The agenda this morning is breakfast, a quick wrap up of the retreat and then we are heading home.


I feel like I have not been there for days!  It will be so wonderful to go home and just BE. 😀  We had a great time the last few days, ping-pong, card games, hanging out, I even had a nap yesterday.  Now, I am ready to get home.  Al is in Florida for the next three weeks so the dogs and I will be hanging out and working out and getting in some good reading time!  I am excited about all of the above 😀

Me playing shuffle board (I think). Pretty intense stuff 🙂

 I will have a review up this afternoon and this morning I wanted to leave you with this super fun picture I seen this morning on the Shelf Awareness email.:


According to the Shelf Awareness email, New York Public Library had 281 children + 1 cat come to an event that broke the world Guinness Book Of Records for people wearing the cat in the hat, hat.

Makes you wonder… what World record could we readers break?

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Coming Home

  1. Not Bull Trout Lake?! I’m editing a YAish book that takes place there. I didn’t think anybody else in the world had heard of it. (P.S. I’m guessing you’re not talking about Bull Trout, but that would just be amazing.)

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