Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah

Note – this is a stock picture, not a pic of my audio

As Annie Colwater waves good-bye to her daughter as she travels to study abroad, she id not realize that was not the only thing she would be saying good-bye to that day.  On the drive home Annie’s husband Blake, confesses he has been having an affair and he would like a divorce.  Shocked and needing to get away from the pain that has just been placed on her, Annie heads back to where she grew up, Mystic Washington and to her father who still lives there.

Within a few short days Annie hears of the death of a long-lost friend and stops in on two widowed husband and Annie’s first love, Nick Delacroix.  Within a short amount of time (more on that later), Annie and Nick rekindle those old feelings (much like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire).

While Annie is experiencing feelings she did not know she could still produce, she also knows that eventually she must return home to sort out her life.  When a phone call flips her world once again.. Annie is forced to make  a hard choice, she just has to decide if she should follow her head or follow her heart… and some times, they may both lead in the same direction.

I have read Kristin Hannah before and enjoyed her books.  When I found this audio at a price I could not resist, I snatched it up.  One thing you can say about Kristin Hannah is she writes in a feel good, heart of the matters way that I was in the mood for.  Her writing gives you that feeling like you have been traveling for some time and are looking forward to a home cooked meal.  Kristin Hannah’s books are that home cooked meal.




While listening to this one on audio I had many battles with it.  For one, things were moving way way way to fast.  Annie’s decisions felt as though time and again they were made hastily with no thought whatsoever,consequences be damned. Of course, that does not make her a bad character, perhaps one could argue that Annie had been a rule follower all her life and look where that got her?  Maybe she was out breaking the mold…

but it felt like more than that to me.

As the audio went on there was a later happening that I jumped on feeling that the story had just jumped ahead skipping a vital section… and then I got it.

The audio I was listening to was abridged (my bad – I purchased it that way), meaning that it had been shortened from the original writing and as I recently learned through Twitter conversations and Google, abridged is to provide audio books at a much better cost and are therefore significantly shorter than the unabridged.  Abridged also appeal to people who may not have the time to listen to a whole audio book.  See my vocal thoughts on that idea here. 😀

Once I realized what I was dealing with I quit judging the book so harshly.  In fact, as it went on I found I did like the story and finished it.  While it was good, I was not invested enough in the book to go through it again in book format or unabridged. 

If you enjoy Kristin Hannah I think you will enjoy this one as well, just be sure to read it or get the unabridged audio book.

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