Morning Meanderings… I have taken a SHINING to this book…


Good morning.  Here we are the last day of January and my month was an excellent one for reading and audio.  More on that later…

A few days ago I decided to join in on the #Shineon Read-a-long of The Shining by Stephen King hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts.  I think it will be a fun adventure in King, who other than my listening to 11-22-63 last year, I have not read since I was a teenager and it will be interesting to see what I think of his older writing now.


There was a time I enjoyed King very much and his movies too… in fact the Shining was creepy spooky good but again, I have not seen it in a long time.  If you care to join in on the read-a-long, use the link above to check it out, we have all of February to read it and it’s not a very large book. 

Today I work and I am also taking care of my hubby who had dental surgery yesterday and is recovering at here at home.  Tomorrow I will be sharing with you my latest TV addiction… 😛

Have you ever read Stephen King?  If so, what is your favorite book you have read by him?  I would have to say that 11-22-63 is by far my favorite all time King read.

25 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I have taken a SHINING to this book…

  1. I have read a ton of King in the past…I loved his early stuff and a lot of what he wrote under Bachman. Christine scared me when I was 17 and home alone one night. I swore I kept hearing a car revving its engine out front of our house!! 😀 I’m a dork and scare easy!!

  2. I’ve read a lot of STephen King in the past too, but not as much recently. I’ve loved pretty much everything though – The Dark Tower series, Full Dark No Stars, Needful things etc. I’m going to re-read Carrie before the movie comes out.

  3. I listened to From A Buick 8 on audio and that was good and scary. The movie The Shining has always sort of creeped me out but I’ve never read the book. Maybe I’ll request it from the library. I’ve recently picked up most of his Dark Tower series between Goodwill and library book sales. I’m missing number 4 so I’m in search of that. If you’ve never read his book, On Writing, it’s well worth the time. Very interesting and I’m thinking of rereading it this year. Just picked up the Gilly Salt Sisters from the library yesterday and I’m looking forward to starting it today! Have a great day, Sheila!

  4. I also listened to the audio version of 11-22-63 and found it to be AMAZING!!! I fell in love with King a little then! And all I remember about The Shining is that little kid shouting “red rum, red rum” still creeps me out!

  5. The Shining is one of King’s older books I haven’t read. Maybe I should grab a copy of the audio and join along. I’m thinking about it.

  6. Loved 11-22-63, but The Shining is so much different. I did love it too though. And a lot better than the film, although it was awesome!!!
    Hope hubby recovers quick!!

    1. I am excited to get a start on it. 😀 Thanks about Al he is doing wonderfully… I almost cancelled a retreat this weekend but he seems to be recovering nicely and already having trouble sitting still 😀

  7. I’m also participating in the #shineon read-a-long because, while I’ve read a bunch of SK books, strangely enough, The Shining has not been one of them. It’s about time! I am not really a fan of the film. Fun Fact: Stephen King was not happy with the Stanley Kubrick film because it was so different from the book. In the book, the character of Jack is more sympathetic and he certainly was not in the film. That was a deal breaker for SK. 🙂

    My favorite SK reads are Bag of Bones (read twice) and Duma Key. I also really liked The Green Mile and Misery and I’m a fan of his short stories.

  8. I am a fan of the earlier King books: Tommyknockers was awesome, Gerald’s Game, Carrie, Misery. I read a lot of King while in high school…then, I realized that every time I read a book of his, something bad happened (my prom date cancelled, for example. I dumped the book and suddenly prom was back on…) One of the few superstitions I maintain to this day. lol

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