Morning Meanderings… Anticipating Book Club.


Good morning!  My second day off of the New Year and I am chilling this morning with a great cup of coffee and the laptop. 

Yesterday was full but in good ways.  I helped the Library take down their Christmas decorations and put the new window up about the Winter Book Club program where we are featuring different book clubs in the area and their favorite reads in the window.  Ir was fun to do the first three.  I forgot to take a picture but I will get one when I stop in today.  After the Library I had coffee with my friend Connie where we brainstormed our winter retreat coming up in February, a 5K I will be working on setting up in June, and the Wine and Words Literacy event being planned for August. 

Last night I watched the city council meeting on tv and was voted in as a Library Board Member.

I think, it’s going to be a fun year.  😛

Today I am anticipating tonight’s Bookies Book Club meeting and review of In The Belly Of Jonah by Sandra Brannan.  Sandra will be skyping with us tonight.  Usually I am working on Tuesdays and I run from work to prepping dinner for my hubby to book club, but today being a bonus day off – I am excited to take my time planning what I will be bringing for food and who really knows what else could be up my sleeve… 😀


My question(s)  to you this morning (as I seem to be in full Book Club mode) is… are you in a book club or have you ever been?  What do you read as a group?  How do you choose your books?  Do you do anything besides reviews – ie… travel together, go to movies or other events….

22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Anticipating Book Club.

  1. Congrats on being voted in! I belong to a very laid-back online group. We throw a few titles out there and come to a consensus on book choices. Works for all of us 😉
    I really like your idea of highlighting different book groups at the library and some of their favorite books.

  2. Congrats on the library board!

    As for book clubs, I was in a couple of them in the 1970s. One was great, and we chose books about issues we were interested in. The second one was not a serious book club, but a “oneupmanship” kind of game for some bored housewives…lol

    I attended a book club as a guest author a few years ago. That one was fun!

  3. Congrats on city council!

    I’m not in a book club but I would love to be. My local library has one and I’ve read the books a couple of times but I’ve never been to a meeting. I’m a little bit afraid. 😦

    I thought about starting my own but I don’t know if it would generate enough interest or not. I’m about the only one of my friends who reads.

    1. Thanks Ashley 🙂 Go to a meeting at the library – it would be fun… then let me know about your experience 😉 I started ours in 2001… I had no idea it would continue on and grow to what it has. It is possible 😀

  4. I love my book club! They are they best! We read all different books, and we think that is the best part of it, that we are challenged to read outside our normal reading comfort zone. We have a rotation, that has continued for the past three years. When it is your month, you choose the book, host the night, and provide all the food and drink. We talk about the book for a bit, then we catch up on each others lives. Here they are: 🙂

  5. I just joined a book club a few months ago. It’s a very casual group that meets once a month at a wine bar. We’re reading Room this month.

  6. I’ve been in an email-centered book club for more than 4 years. We met on a homeschool curriculum forum. The leader lives near Chicago and members live in NJ, NC, VA, NH, etc. It’s fun getting to know people through their reading comments, then reading their blogs, etc.

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