Sunday Check List…


Good morning.

It has been another busy week and today and tomorrow are pretty crazy too.  This afternoon we have a Christmas party here – about 20 people with kids in the house.  Tomorrow I am supposed to head to the cities for a board meeting but I am feeling so overwhelmed I am thinking I may cancel that.

I have to get my son in the Navy’s Christmas box out and I have a big mailing to do for my job.  You ever get that feeling when you just feel pushed to do one more thing.. one more thing….

that’s where I am at.

I am going shopping this morning before Church to try to make the most of my time today. 

As for books that have come in:



I am reading Round House today and I have to finish it to get a review written for a magazine deadline.  I am really hoping to get it finished today.

I am looking forward to Survivor Finale tonight…. love that, but will miss my weekly watching of the show!

I hope your Sunday is a little more relaxing than mine 😀


7 thoughts on “Sunday Check List…

  1. Sheila,
    I hope that you have a relaxing day-as much as it can be relaxing-if you need to say NO say it-I ended up in the ER really sick before Thanksgiving and stress was a large contributor. It is just not worth it.

  2. I think you’re really busy, and hope you don’t stress out too much with all your commitments. By the way, thank you for your excellent post about the library budget–I’m going over there now to comment, but I do think it was one of the best posts I’ve seen lately.

  3. thanks for reminding me about the survivor finale? I wonder who will win??
    I think I am going to read a book and probably fall asleep – I got Miss Me When I’m Gone from the library!!\

  4. Tis the holiday season! I hear you… I have just a few decorations up this year and think I’m going to give myself a pass. Work has been so crazy that somethings had to give.

    My son comes home tomorrow, for ten days! I haven’t seen him since June… you can imagine how excited I am.

    And I’m finally healthy (from the virus I discovered from Tough Mudder). Never doing that again! HA 🙂

    Hope Sunday was good – I’m hoping to get back into blogging a bit more. Was at my breaking point.

    Have a great day Sheila!

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