Morning Meanderings…. Counting Up the Casualties….


Good morning!  How is everyone doing with the Christmas planning, parties, preparations, etc…  I am a bit wiped out.  I have a Christmas brunch tomorrow morning that needs a white elephant gift, and a Christmas party here on Sunday afternoon that needs a white elephant gift.  Our work one is on Wednesday….  *whew*

I thought his morning I would give you an update on Mater – the rescued Beagles/Bassett Hound (a Bagel 😛 ) we rescued in July and gave a home to.

I have mentioned before that while he is big… he is still a pup at now 9 months old and loves to chew.  Over the past 5 months I have lost shoes, shirts (he ate the beads off one), a credit card (my bad… I left it on the coffee table after ordering on-line), and yes the occasional book.  😯

Being a small dog person… this chewing destructive thing is all new to me.


But as you can see above, he is a sweetheart (that’s a bone he has there – those he is welcome to chew. 😀 )

Just a couple of mornings ago he was up all night.  Running around the bedroom – up, down, up down… he would not sleep (its like having a baby in the house!)  When I got up in the morning I discovered he had eaten my favorite slip on sandals:


Mmmmm hmmmm…. these slips on were the shoes I wore around the house in the evenings, all summer long, they went with me everywhere for casual where – cabin, Florida, Georgia, Honduras…


and of course after running around all night like a wild one…. this is what happened in the morning:


Mmmmm…. hmmmmm. 

Sure.  You all are sleeping now.  I think I need more coffee…. 😛

Today I have a big mailing to do, sort through the Pampered Chef and get it delivered, pick up items for the breakfast brunch tomorrow and dig into reading Round House, which is first on the list. 

How is your Friday shaping up?

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Counting Up the Casualties….

  1. Awww he is so darn cute!! I can relate – my first dog was a Treeing Walker Hound mix, and she ate socks, underwear, whatever. My dog now, Penny, she is another one that eats things she shouldn’t! Including, and requiring emergency surgery, fake Christmas tree garland that goes outside, which had 1/4 round metal rods in it!!! Dogs are such brats. Lol. I love you that you call Mater a bagel! So funny!

  2. I know what you’re going through! LOL. I have a Bassett and she likes to get herself into everything! When she was a puppy she loved to eat shoes…now she’s more about stealing stuff out of the garbage! You just have to cut off of their possible routes to getting these things. LOL! 🙂

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