Morning Meanderings… A Prequel and a Sequel….what are your thoughts about THIS


Good morning.  How ya’ all doing?

This morning while flipping through emails and Facebook and I don’t know where I was when I seen it, but somewhere out there lost in the Internet world I discovered that Disney has decided that Alice is going back to Wonderland and is indeed going to film a sequel.

*Pause here for dramatic effect*

Tim Burton put Wonderland back on the map in 2010 with his Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska combo and if I may add, an awesome Red Queen by Helena Bonham Carter.


BUT… while the film grossed in the 11th place of all time profitable movies, where would it go from where it left off?  At this time there is no word of who will be starring – will it be the same cast, or all new?  Or is Disney setting itself up for an epic fail?  While I personally enjoyed the movie, I didn’t LOVE LOVE it.

And then… lets not forget that The Great And Powerful OZ is coming out in 2013, this one I am excited about!  And while Oz and The Red Queen are two different characters and two different stories entirely, I have to wonder if Disney is hoping that the trip to Wonderland will be as powerful as the trip they are taking down the yellow brick road. …

Personally (my gosh I am chatty this morning!) I would like to see a prequel to Wonderland and by that I am thinking something along the lines of what author  Gregory Maquire did for Wicked.  Brilliant… really brilliant.

So what are your thoughts on the sequel/prequels?  Do you enjoy them or do you prefer things left as is in their original written form?

7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Prequel and a Sequel….what are your thoughts about THIS

  1. Sometimes I do enjoy sequels. Especially if they’re not overdone with numerous ones, like some of the old movies (Friday the 13th springs to mind!).

    I enjoy them when there is much more to be said about the characters and the stories. I did adore that Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland…and a new Oz sounds exciting.

  2. I like remakes if they’re slightly different from the original (like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) but sequels/prequels I’m not a huge fan off if they didn’t exist originally. It’s one thing to take a creative difference on something that already existed but I think its touching on arrogant to think you’re able to create an addition to a story that was popular long before your time.

  3. Maybe because it’s different to The Wizard Of it’ll do better (forgetting that it’s not the original story), but my money’s on Alice overall. It seems a more popular story and it’s been used more in culture than Oz (which I think otherwise remains with Judy Garland?) Still both pieces of news are exciting!

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