Morning Meanderings… What Happened To My Blog

Wait!  Don’t go!  It’s me, Sheila!  There just have been a few ummmmm… changes around here this weekend.  Truly it was unintentional.

Here is what happened.

My old template had only certain colors you could use with it.  While I loved the layout, I didn’t LOVE the colors.  On Sunday evening I decided to pay for the upgrade that would allow me to make the colors what I wanted, plus keep Book Journey ad free for a year (always a plus!).  BUT (and I really don’t like that word), once I put in the upgrade not only did some of my color changes not happen when I put them in the template, my blog was tweaked, no longer centered in the page and honestly – flat-out annoying.  I thought maybe it needed time to change (I don’t know why, I am from Brainerd, I think things take time) so I logged out and thought maybe in the morning all would be lovely.  Like magic.


SO I changed out the whole template, went with a different color theme then I have ever used before and well, here we are.  I actually – really like it.  I like the sidebar links and I love the quote marks.  I love the little Facebook and Twitter links tucked into the header.  AND speaking on the header, I love that too.. crisper, cleaner, dare I say more sophisticated?  😯

And here we are… a new day, a new look, but I tossed my face (that sounds funny!) up there in the right side bar so hopefully you know it is still me, just a fresh paint job.

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  1. I noticed your colors changing yesterday and figured you were doing a little redecorating. I like this template and it’s nice clean lines.

  2. I noticed this yesterday too and love the new look – the colors and the header 🙂

  3. Ooh, I like the new look a lot!

  4. Looks great, Sheila! I may contact you (after the first of the year) for moral support – I’ve been thinking of making a similar change 😉

  5. I like it!!!! The holiday theme is clean and easy to read too!!!

  6. Pretty! Love the colors!

  7. From someone who has not changed my blog in almost 4 years, I LOVE the new look! I also love how festive the header is! Bravo!

  8. Oh, and I love how you FB, Twitter icons are *peeking* out from behind the tab row!!

  9. Clean and sharp! As is your writing-both are a pleasure. Thanks and have a great day!

  10. I am all about changing things, sometimes too much! But I like what you’ve done. Is this a theme that’s available as part of “Free WordPress”?

    Now you’re all set for the holiday spirit….

  11. therelentlessreader

    I noticed the changing colors, etc. this weekend and thought something was up 😉 Looking good girl!

  12. I really like the holiday flavor of your blog! Very nice

  13. I like it! Nice and clean and bright! I did some redecorating over at my blog too this weekend!

  14. I LOVE IT! Looks awesome!

  15. Totally agree, Sheila! I love the new look. I think cleaner and simpler is always better!


  16. Love the new layout and the colours add a certain festive flair to it.

  17. Great new look. Usually read your posts in reader but had to visit the site now for sure 😉

  18. I definitely did a double take, but I love the new look!

  19. I like the new look too! It’s fun to make changes, isn’t it?

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