Sunday Check List – I survived!!!

Good morning!  I am home and so happy to be here and have a pretty mellow day ahead of me.  A much-needed mellow day. 😀  I just came off a week of Monday – small group study, Tuesday – Book Club, Wednesday – help with students, Thursday – Pampered Chef Party and opening night showing on Breaking Dawn 2, Friday – left for St Paul for the Literacy Institute which went until Saturday at 3 pm then drove home and arrived around 6:00 pm at my door.

This week is way less busy.  Yes, it is Thanksgiving week but it will be College Son coming home and our traditions are have a nice dinner then we dish up throughout the day whenever we are hungry and watch movies and play board games.  I ♥ LOVE ♥ our traditions and really look forward to them. 

As for today…

I am reading Forgotten Road by Randall Arthur


I am listening to Steve Jobs (yes still…) on my IPOD, finishing up Abraham on my CD player and still listening to The Quilters Homecoming in my car.


I am planning a possible lunch date with a friend who is in town for the weekend and possibly helping the library decorate this afternoon for Christmas.


I am hoping I can keep the next 5 weeks a little mellower.


I am working on finishing up my challenge updates and some fun discussion posts, and putting life and posts back into Kickin It (my neglected fitness blog).


I am looking forward to a meeting on Tuesday afternoon that is going to lead to my winter project (more later) and a nice weekend with one of my sons.  😀


Here are the books that graced my home this week:

That is it.  On with my day, what id your plan for today?

14 Comments on “Sunday Check List – I survived!!!

  1. I do love special holiday traditions…mine keep changing, though. For years, we had Thanksgiving with my daughter’s in-laws (so much fun!); but now the divorce has changed that. Sigh.

    But my life has been all about reinventing myself, including my traditions. One that remains: meeting two days after Thanksgiving with kids and grandkids at a restaurant.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. Sounds like a great family tradition and I’m sure you can’t wait for your family to be together!! Have a great and relaxing week…Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You expect the holiday weeks to be mellow? lol It always ends up a little more hectic than expected. I know what you mean though. I have a small family and try to keep things low key and a bit fun. If I could escape to a warm island for that last week before Christmas… I would!

  4. Your family tradition sounds wonderful! I’ve had a weird day. Blog snafus, laptop problems, and tendinitis acting up so can only type one handed. Had a nice visit with my in-laws though.

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