Late, Late, At Night by Rick Springfield


Rick Springfield, pop star of the 80’s, actor in soap operas and movies.  People pictured him living the life of a king, huge homes and money to burn.  But that was not the truth.  Rick battled demons all his life – self-esteem, sexual addiction, lack of closure from his father’s death, and depression.  Instead of money to burn and big homes during his prime he was staying in seedy motels and wondering how he would afford to get to his next gig…

This is Rick’s story the good… and oh yeah, the bad… and certainly the ugly.



If you were to ask my husband what my favorite song is, to this day he would answer “Jesse’s Girl” by Rick Springfield.  This… has never been true.  While I like the song, yes, very much – it was never my favorite song and I am not even sure where Al (hubby) gets that it was.  I have however always enjoyed Rick Springfield’s music and admit to finding him to be “hot” (80’s word) and sexy back in the day. 

I have listened to and enjoyed many memoirs over this past year and really like hearing the deeper, behind the scenes stories of the people who I admired from the speakers of my stereo (yup… again, 80’s) or from the screen of my tv. 

I think Rick’s story was good – but, and maybe this is because he is my first rock star memoir, a bit more language and the constant pursue of sex – whenever and whoever then I had anticipated or enjoyed listening about chapter after chapter after chapter.  While that was a large part of the memoir, if you can dig through the crud there is a good story there.  Rick does have one girl who he returns to time and again, eventually even marries and has two sons with.  While he is brutally honest about how many times he has cheated on her – before and after children and I appreciate the honesty, I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect how I felt about Rick as a person.  Rick himself says in the audio that if you are going to judge him for what he has done to her that we (I) was not an understanding person – but I think I am and I still don’t get the “Oh poor me… I cheated again” attitude. 

In Rick’s defense, it is true I do not know much about sexual addiction so maybe what he is sharing is spot on correct behavior and I struggle because I do not and not understand.

“nuf about that.

It was interesting to hear the stories behind the album titles (much more thought goes into this then I knew!) and even the story behind Jesse’s Girl (my – fo-favorite) which was never supposed to be a hit. 

In the end, I think fans of Rick will enjoy this memoir and if you go with the audio version like I did, you do have the privilege of having Rick narrate which is always a plus for me and I think you would enjoy it too. 

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  1. Rick was a favorite for me way back when and while I’d like to read his story I’m not sure I want my memories tarnished. Thanks so much for your review!

    It would be nice hearing Rick read

  2. I read Rick’s book when it first came out, and thought it was pretty good. I have always liked Rick’s music, and knew a bit about his personal life before hand (I’m friends with his mother-in-law, who, by the way, can’t stand him!), so I wasn’t too surprised by his revealations in the book. I think I admire his wife Barbara for sticking with him all these years despite his roving ways! Went to see him in concert recently, and you know, for a 60+ year old man, he still looks pretty smoking hot to these old eyes! I’d like to hear him read this sometime. Good review!

    • Thanks Sharon! I bet his mother in law is not his biggest fan…. especially if she listemed to or read this book. EEP! 😯 Barbara must be an amazing woman. I seen him about a year ago as well at a concert, he does look and sound good still 🙂

  3. When I think of Rick Springfield, I see “Noah Drake,” his role on General Hospital. The character he portrayed on GH was also an addict. Interesting, huh?

  4. Enjoyed your review of Rick’s book Shelia! I knew about his infidelities before I read the book and how often/many over the years didn’t shock me – I try to never pass judgement on anyone for things they’ve done in their lives because I’ve made some mistakes and bad choices that have hurt people I love and care about. I don’t condone his behavior, it just doesn’t affect me like it does some of his die hard fans. What was hard for me to read throughout the book was how many awful things/tragedies that have happened in his life and how he suffers from depression (I do as well). I came away feeling more dark and sad from his story than anything else. He says some call it a love story, but I remember one fight pulling them apart and near divorce after another. He wrote about so many bad things that happened between him and Barb (and all the deaths is his life) that made me wonder were they ever happy for a long stretch of time? He always wrote about the times they were not connecting as a couple and hardly speaking, never about a wonderful trip they took together and described loving, happy times etc..

    He wanted to focus of the book to help others with depression showing them that you can lead a productive life and suicide prevention, but it became all about sex addiction and how many times he’s cheated. I know that’s a part of his life but perhaps he shouldn’t have documented how much he’s been unfaithful, let’s face it – once is too many times – and just have been brief on the subject, acknowledging it’s wrong and how thankful he is Barb has stayed with him. Then people wouldn’t have been distracted from the important health issues. I hate to say that he can add Narcissist to describe himself along with depression and ADD.

    @Sharon Chance – I’m kind of surprised Barb’s Mom feels that way about him because of how he describes his relationship with her in the book. But she is a Mother so I guess it’s a given. I wouldn’t be surprised to know Barb isn’t fond of having Rick’s Mom around as much as she is. Rick made a comment to a friend of mine that his Mom came for a visit that had turned into a 3 month stay and his wife wasn’t too happy. LOL That was in 2009.

    And had I planned my finances better this year I’d be in Cancun right now along with a bunch of other ‘Rick Chicks’ spending 5 days with Rick & fiends. Half way through my payments on the trip I had to cancel. Oh well, maybe someday…

    Sorry, I can be long winded at times. Thanks for listening!

    • Hi Deb – I think technically my friend is Barb’s step-mother, but she was very adamant about her feelings a few years ago – maybe she’s mellowed! 🙂

      • Rick does say in this book that his father-in-law didn’t like him too much. Though he was at times spotted attending his concerts

  5. Typically memoirs of Rock stars do not appeal to me. I think I’d get too disgusted. I can understand why this affected your feelings for the man. I just finished Caleb’s Crossing, a historical fiction by Geraldine Brooks. I loved it!

  6. The best rock memoir I’ve read is Ozzy Osbourne’s bio. It was funny and honest. I haven’t read the Rick Springfield, I might get to it one day. I think it would be hard to write something honest when you’ve lived the way they have. You’re certainly opening yourself up to all sort of messes!

  7. I had a friend in high school who was “in love” with Rick Springfield. I wonder if she is reading this book!? If I was in touch with her, I’d ask. (Of course, perhaps she outgrew it in time.) He’s aged well though, but I can’t say I’m that interested in hearing his story.

  8. I like Rick Springfield so I’ll probably listen to this one. I’ve listened to a few rock star memoirs before and they all seemed to get distracted by the groupies and the sex.

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