Morning Meanderings: To Catch (and ummm… release) A Mouse

Good morning!  How ya all doing?

I had every intention of popping in with a meandering yesterday morning but circumstances did not allow such luxuries….

Let me explain.

Yesterday morning I got up and went downstairs to the laundry room to check the clothes I was drying the night before.  I noticed the mouse trap that I keep set in this room had been snapped and ugh…. I had a mouse.  (Our laundry room is the only part of our home that is old school basement).  I went to the dryer but then caught movement out of the corner of my eye…

the tail…

was moving.


“Fresh kill!  Fresh kill!” And I run back upstairs…. whenever I see a mouse caught I have to wait to take out the trap (it is one of those snap open and reuse types) because I have to be certain the mouse is completely past tense.  I don’t like killing… but it is a necessary evil this time of year when the weather starts to turn cold.

So…. I wait it out.  I make coffee.  I shower.  I prepare for work… and then I head back down.  Good the movement appears to have stopped…. I could not stand it if it was suffering.

Oh, but wait.

Tail move.


SO…. back upstairs I go and I grab an old towel and a spatula. Not exactly sure why but these were my tools of choice.  I go downstairs and scoop up the trap with the spatula and put the towel over the top.  I feel the movement…… eeeeep. 😯  I go upstairs and out the deck door where I hang the trap over the edge of the deck and hope hope hope when I hit the release button the mouse does not stick.  Ugh. 


Please don’t stick….


I release and the mouse drops to the leafy ground.  I can see its hind end it squished, but not hind legs and apparently no vital organs.  He looks up at me and runs.

Mission accomplished.

Of course, I have named him “Squish Butt”


Of course, I am hoping he does not get back in the house and fall for the trap  that I have now re-set.  If he does, I think I will recognize him.


Sometimes… being an animal lover (yes, all animals) sucks.  I can not do the things that other people can do…. like kill a mouse without feeling bad for him/her.  Like drowning a daddy-long-legs when he is in the shower.  (I actually carry spiders outside….)

Is anyone else like that?


In bookish news I should be finishing up Rick Springfield’s memoir soon here and thank goodness… while fairly interesting, a bit crude… it is definitely TMI and too long to my liking.  I should also (hopefully) finish Charlotte street tonight.

32 Comments on “Morning Meanderings: To Catch (and ummm… release) A Mouse

  1. You’re brave! I would have been too squeamish to release the mouse. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near the basement for the rest of the day.

  2. Recently in my village we had to kill a mouse too, but the animal died instantly with the trap, to my relief 🙂 I think I would let it go if ti would be alive, because I also like animals…
    …All animals except spiders!! When a spider go in my house, there is always a bloody battle. Spiders terrify me (I don’t know why; I know they are small, but…).

    PD: sorry for my English, I’m a student and I’m trying to learn.

      • Yes, I understand you. There is no danger if they are outdoors.
        “My” mouse ate at night MY good ham (that kind of ham that we use to eat in Spain), wich was in the top of the kitchen island, very, very high. With such a grievance, the mouse had to be out or died, no more options 😉

  3. Ooh, your story has brought up my mouse saga from my foothills house….UGH! Toward the end of my sojourn there, we had a couple of mice…yes, you start to tell them apart. I used the sticky traps, though…..and sorry, as sad as it is to think of the death, these mice were taunting me! Yes, they would pause in the middle of the floor and scratch the carpet! I felt like they were giving me the finger!

    They eventually passed…in the sticky traps. But I am horrified of finding mice wherever I am…so far so good here. I think the foothills, like the country, has more of them….or so I keep telling myself.

    Whenever I hear something, or see a flash of shadow, I am ready for EEK!

    • Last year we had none… it has to be these cold spurts we are getting this year… and where are the neighbors wild cats? Our neighbor feeds all these wild cats which drives me nuts (oddly… I am not a cat fan) but as my hubby points out… they keep the mice away….

  4. Oh, I’m with you on this one. Mice and rats are the things that freak me out the most, but I wouldn’t have been able to kill it either. Of course, I couldn’t have picked it up; I would have left for someone else to do 🙂

  5. i carry spiders out too!! i am the same way…we had mice problems too..i would love to release them but am afraid of getting bit. always something with you! don’t want to read the rick springfield one..heard bits and pieces of his affairs and my question is….why? why does he feel compelled to share that stuff? it’s like kirstie alley coming out with her “love affairs” with john travolta nad patrick swayze…ummm..their spouses don’t need to hear that! have a good day

  6. I have the sweetest female kitty who literally rips the mice to shreds, usually leaving only the tail and sometimes head for me find in the morning. She turns into a murderous beast when mice invade her living space. If I manage to discover her torturing one and it still looks healthy I’ll wrap it in a towel and toss it outside. They are dirty little creatures and will ruin books if you let them but I can’t bring myself to knowingly watch one die.

  7. Hi Sheila, Today the World Book Night 2013 has stated what books are available to give away. I sign up and now the hard part–WAIT.

  8. My husband, oh great white hunter, has been killing mice and moles in our basement as though there are great hordes of them waiting in line to get in and get dead. Never saw so many. We must repatch our stone foundation in the spring, but meanwhile it’s like the killing fields around here.

  9. I fortunately haven’t seen a mouse in my house in probably 7 years…but I have a cat and two rather attentive dogs so it’s possible that mice have existed and I never knew about it.

    Like you, I hate killing things. I used to put spiders outside, until this spring I kept finding baby spiders in my shower every morning, probably 20 or so every morning for about a week. I have no idea where they were coming from, whether the eggs had been laid in my house or if they were just using the broken bathroom window that doesn’t let air in but definitely has a crack big enough for a spider. Anyway, I was shocked to discover that I’m even more grossed out by tiny unidentifiable spiders than I am normal sized ones, and I promptly washed them down the drain every morning. They’re way harder to catch when they’re that small, plus I was so not going to interrupt my shower for them. So this year I’ve taken a much harsher stance on spiders…I’m a little worried I’ll start finding baby ones in the house again if I catch and release with the big ones!

    Luckily I live alone, cuz I’m pretty sure my finding the spiders that first morning, when I’m still half asleep and blurry eyed…well that shriek could have woken the dead!

  10. Glad it was you and not me, Sheila! I hope that mouse has learned its lesson and will not visit you again.

  11. We had ivy covering two property walls and a quarter size hole in the house wall when we moved in. We discovered the hole when we started getting mice…baby mice!

    We had a cat that liked to hunt and one night I heard squeaking. Wondering what it was, I found the cat under the table, playing with a mouse. Mouse still looked healthy so I grabbed a baggie for my hand and threw the mouse out the window into the backyard. Where the dog snatched him.

    Cat 0 dog 1

    The cat did learn not to bring them in the house.

  12. So funny that I had to read it out loud to my husband! And no, spiders don’t make it out of our house alive. Very large hairy spiders elicit screams of “Aaaack! Kill it! Kill it!” Because if anyone else is in the house they get to be the brave spider killer for me. 🙂

  13. I totally agree with you about killing mice, but I’m not afraid to kill spiders indiscriminately. I HATE spiders! I like the name you gave the mouse…Squish Butt…too funny. 😀

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