Morning Meanderings… I Am Home… and brought back a totally awesome geeky mug!

Good morning from Brainerd Minnesota!  Yup… as of 8:47 pm last night… I am home.  I am not unpacked…. I am not showered… (TMI?  😆 )  I am due at work in about… ummm…. 45 minutes…. but I am going to write this post real quick before I move on.  😀

I did manage between the plane rides *blessedly uneventful* and the ride home to finish a book and an audio.  AWESOMENESS.  Really 😀  Tonight there is a good chance I will finish a second audio. 

So for my geek moment of the day I have to show you the mug I bought at Universals Studios:



Which really is super cool on its own and Ithat is why I bought it but…. oh look what I discovered on the plane when I looked at it again….



Whoa!!!  What is this magic!!!!!   Yes, when you add a hot liquid the feet show up on the mug!  I was going to just put this in the reading room with my Potter books as a souvenir but now… I have to use!!!  And so I did…




I think I am going to purchase one or two more for gifts…  Ok thats my time.  I work, hopefully tonight I will get back to working out.  It’s good to be home 😀

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  1. AWESOME…sounds like you had a great time.

    Welcome Home!!

    Silver’s Reviews

  2. I have a Hedwig mug from there. I love it. I might hug it sometimes when I get it out.

  3. That’s really funny, the mug! Glad to hear you had no problems on the way back. And you did some reading/listening so you have something to report in the next Monday post! Yay! 🙂

  4. Of course you have to use it! You’ll think of your trip every day!

  5. I love collecting mugs…I have so many. I usually don’t drink out of them, for fear of breaking them…

    Will this mug now replace the “other” signature coffee mug? lol

  6. Jealous! That mug is fab!

  7. Awesome! Totally jealous–almost as much about the mug as about the trip. Pathetic?

  8. I love that mug! You should have bought two! One for the book room and one to use…then you would have a spare…in case something happens to it! I think we are going there in March…I hope those mugs are still there!

  9. I want that mug!!!! I want to visit Hogwarts!! (Or as close as we can get I’m our muggle world). Glad you are home safe.

  10. boardinginmyforties

    Welcome back! Love that mug!

  11. Oh, my boys would be so jealous! Glad you had a good trip.

  12. Great, thats an awesome read.

  13. That mug is amazing and I’m totally ordering a couple when I get home from work, lol.

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