Morning Meanderings… I Am Home… and brought back a totally awesome geeky mug!

Good morning from Brainerd Minnesota!  Yup… as of 8:47 pm last night… I am home.  I am not unpacked…. I am not showered… (TMI?  😆 )  I am due at work in about… ummm…. 45 minutes…. but I am going to write this post real quick before I move on.  😀

I did manage between the plane rides *blessedly uneventful* and the ride home to finish a book and an audio.  AWESOMENESS.  Really 😀  Tonight there is a good chance I will finish a second audio. 

So for my geek moment of the day I have to show you the mug I bought at Universals Studios:


Which really is super cool on its own and Ithat is why I bought it but…. oh look what I discovered on the plane when I looked at it again….



Whoa!!!  What is this magic!!!!!   Yes, when you add a hot liquid the feet show up on the mug!  I was going to just put this in the reading room with my Potter books as a souvenir but now… I have to use!!!  And so I did…




I think I am going to purchase one or two more for gifts…  Ok thats my time.  I work, hopefully tonight I will get back to working out.  It’s good to be home 😀

24 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… I Am Home… and brought back a totally awesome geeky mug!

  1. I have a Hedwig mug from there. I love it. I might hug it sometimes when I get it out.

  2. That’s really funny, the mug! Glad to hear you had no problems on the way back. And you did some reading/listening so you have something to report in the next Monday post! Yay! 🙂

  3. I love collecting mugs…I have so many. I usually don’t drink out of them, for fear of breaking them…

    Will this mug now replace the “other” signature coffee mug? lol

  4. I love that mug! You should have bought two! One for the book room and one to use…then you would have a spare…in case something happens to it! I think we are going there in March…I hope those mugs are still there!

    • I would have Patty but I didnt notice the super cool heat up the footsteps thing until I was on the plane home 😀 I am going to order another one.

  5. I want that mug!!!! I want to visit Hogwarts!! (Or as close as we can get I’m our muggle world). Glad you are home safe.

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