Not So Morning Meanderings… But I think a worthy post anyway….


*Sigh* I cant even say good morning because by the time this post went up… it was afternoon.  Yesterday morning I left for the cities at 6:30 am for a meeting, then a board meeting and returned home after 10 pm last night WIPED OUT.  Then this morning I got up and went to check in on the IHN guests and wound up talking with my friend Shelly for three hours who was one of the volunteers who stayed over night and held down the fort while I was gallivanting around Minnesota.  In fact this morning I tried to remember the last time I had a day of not “doing” and I had to go back almost three weeks. 

I have another crazy day today but after tomorrow noon, things should slow to a mere simmer and no longer life at a boil.   My picture that graces the top of this post is part of the running around I did yesterday.  While in Minneapolis I stopped in at the book store Magers and Quinn where Michelle from Red Headed Book Child works.  Unfortunately she was out running an errand so I missed her but did manage to purchase three books and this neato mug.  😛


I though for today’s Saturday Snapshot (stop over at Alyce’s and check out this fun meme!)  I would post a few pics from my last week between crafting at the cabin, stopping at an apple orchard to the road trip yesterday. 



My friend Amy also had to give it a try…



Cool building in Minneapolis


On a tandom funny note do you ever use that “check in” option on Facebook?  From your Smart Phones you can have facebook post where you are at and I love that!  Yesterday morning while in Minneapolis I was going to check Connie and I in and seen one of the near by places was “United Geeks Of Gaming”.  A quick Google check verified that it was a group that meets to play board games and video games…. LOL, I checked us in there. 😛

Have a great day everyone!


I have about an hour and a half here before I need to hit the ground running again.  I have some books to put away in the books room, laundry to finish, and dishes to put away.  Tonight when all is said and done I hope to actually crack open a book. 😀 

How is your weekend going?

28 Comments on “Not So Morning Meanderings… But I think a worthy post anyway….

  1. Oh my! You have a busy life. I only had a shopping trip and a book blogger meeting today. The evening is all nice and quiet and nothing planned for tomorrow (Sunday). I’ll probably do some reading. 🙂

    I hope you have a great time when you’re busy and some quiet time when you need it!

  2. I can’t remember the last time I had a day to do nothing either. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? I don’t think I could keep up with you.

  3. It’s good to have a day of not “doing” that’s me today, and maybe tomorrow.

  4. What funny pictures! Looks like you had a good time. Enjoy your calmer days coming up! I put great effort into making today NOT too busy…

  5. Great photos, Sheila! Looks like it was a fun weekend! I haven’t been in a bookstore in ages!!

    I am usually the same way – run, run, run (well, as much as my energy will allow) – even when I am supposed to be resting, I am usually doing something. But I hit a wall this weekend – caught my son’s cold which has stopped me dead in my tracks. I have to admit, though, it was nice to just lie down and read a bit 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and your new coffee mug!


  6. I just got home from a 3 hour hike and now after reading about all your running around I’m exhausted! All that moving around is good exercises though. Tomorrow I have to paint the garden shed so it will be an audiobook day for me. My audiobooks have been outpacing print books two to one this year.

  7. Our weekends are always crazy – nice to hear of someone else’s busy time too! My post is a day late as a result of our schedule…and the garden is calling my name! I’ll check out everyone else’s post later on tonight – hope everyone is enjoying their weekend too 🙂
    PS love the legs sticking out of the hay bale!!

  8. That silly Al. I see he got too close to the hay baler 😀

  9. The pictures of you and your friend pulling the guy is hilarious, how funny if it broke off, lmao.

    To bad you missed Michelle, what a bummer.

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