Morning Meanderings… It Ain’t Easy Being Green… and Banned Book Week Winners

Good morning!  😀

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday and now working their way to a great Wednesday.  Last nights book club was WONDERFUL!  We reviewed The Wizard Of Oz and in typical Bookie style, the food was AMAZING and a few of us…

dressed up.


I need to also post the winners from the Banned Books week event!  I have not forgotten!  SO here they are from all the giveaways I held last week during banned book week:


Ok – I had just finished this post with all my winners and post links and hit submit – it logged me out and when I came back in my post ended here.  *sigh*  I do not have time to re do it this morning as I have used up all my time and must get ready for work.  Ugh.  We will try this again tomorrow morning – so sorry for the delay.
Have a great day!!!!  😀

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… It Ain’t Easy Being Green… and Banned Book Week Winners

    1. I do too Laurel… we had a girl come back into the group last night. She moved to Wisconsin in 2004 and just moved back – she was thrilled to see that we were still meeting and having fun. 😀

  1. My book club in online, so we don’t get to do all those fun things. I’ll check back tomorrow for your post. How frustrating it must have been to lose the end of your post!

    1. Heidi that was so annoying – I had just used this morning to get all my winners… and then there was some glitch. When I logged back on to wordpress all that was left was the top half of my post. I have to remember to save more often!

  2. As always, your book club looks like a lot of fun. I bet you could discuss the newspaper and have a blast!

    WordPress did that to me yesterday when it refreshed right in the middle of a review. But I got lucky, when I went back in it had autosaved my post.

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