Banned Book Week Day 3 – OH! The Giveaways!!!

Day three!  Are we having fun yet?  I sure am!  I hope you had a chance to check out the Day 1 posts and giveaways and the day 2 posts and giveaways.  There is a lot of great information in the posts and a lot of wonderful books and gift cards being given away.  I hope you can take some time to visit these great blogs and bloggers. 😀
Here’s a little Banned book Video to get you in the mood:

Now that you are warmed up!  Here are todays wonderful bloggers that are going to share with you some of their thoughts on banned books:

Laura from A Library Of Clean Reads is going to share with us her thoughts on The Great Gatsby with a gift card giveaway!


Daenel from Living Outside The Stacks is also going to chat up To Kill A  Mockingbird today and she is also giving away a gift card!  NICE!!!


Charity from The Bookworm Fairy returns with her trilogy watp up as she shares about Mockingjay (yes that is a mocking bird above and now we have added a mocking jay…) Charity’s giveaway of the trilogy and the movie is a do not miss!


Lisa from Lit and Life is going to talk banned books today – have you seen her incredible blog layout?  Go take a peek!


The Brunette Librariankeeps things going with The Glass Castle and a gift card giveaway!


And here comes Jennifer from The Relentless Reader covering an old favorite of mine, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.


Stephanie at On Page And Screen is talking about one I am really curious about, American Psycho and offering a gift card giveaway!


Joy from Joystory is going to discuss Judy Blume (SSSSQQQUUUEEE!) and will be having a crocheted book mark giveaway!


Sue from Great Books For Kids and Teens has a little Banned Book talk for you.


Sue also has a post at Book by Book which if her adult blog!



Suko’s Notebook talks banned books and what she is reading this week.



Jennifer from Book Den is going to discuss A Wrinkle In Time – one I have yet to read but  want to!!!


Wendy from Musings Of A Bookish Kitty is going to discuss The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian (LOVE this one!)


*Remember all comments on all posts this week that are linked here (including my own) will go into a drawing for a prize package of banned books and a gift card!


How is that for an amazing line up? 


and this great link about banned books will give you a chance to win 30 e-books!  Apparently people are backing up Banned book Week and I am loving it!

If you have missed the last two days posts and giveaways do not fear – they are active and could use a visit from you:

Banned Book posts and giveaways day 1!

Banned Book posts and giveaways day 2!

Are you reading banned books this week?  How about movies off of banned books – there are some great ones out there… Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Lorax, Charlotte’s Web…

30 thoughts on “Banned Book Week Day 3 – OH! The Giveaways!!!

  1. What a Blume day! I remember hearing about so many of her books being challenged even when I was young and being so surprised.

  2. My post just went up. I finally settled on Are You There God. My first Blume! I’m not sure whether to be glad that I still have all those titles ahead of me or sad that I’ll never experience reading them as the teenager who was living the themes. A little of both probably.

  3. Hi, Sheila –

    Nice kick off!

    I appreciate the link to Great Books for Kids and Teens, but it looks like you forgot to include my other blog, Book By Book here. Both of them have posts today for Banned Book Week, with different lists on them of banned books I have read and reviewed.

    So, if you could edit your post to add it, I would really appreciate it:

    Thanks so much for doing all this work – I really appreciate it!!


  4. Sheila, I am so enjoying Banned Book week, lots of great reviews and I love all the different thoughts and opinions, to say nothing of the surprises: First Dr. Seuss and now Judy Blume??? I’m off to check out some of the new (to me) blogs. Thanks so much for being so organized =}

  5. I love Dr Suess and I read Judy Blume growing up. It’s amazing how some organizations ban books because they “read innuendos” into them, like in the books from Dr Suess. What?! I find that so extreme, making something innocent into something sinister.

  6. Thanks for another great day of banned books, I’ve once again enjoyed visiting so many new blogs though I’m beginning to feel a little inadequate as it turns out I’ve actually read so few of these books.

  7. Finally catching up to everyone here! Great video. I don’t think I have seen that one before. I have read many of the banned books and find it hard to believe so many have been banned for one reason or another. Crazy.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  8. I wanna watch the video!!!!! Darn, being a night owl. Maybe I can watch it tomorrow afternoon when everyone is up and about. Thank you for hosting this celebration of Banned Books Week.

  9. I really enjoy banned books and would love it if you could take a look at mine! The website again if you didnt get is It centers around a girl who lives in a trending culture, a world of intrigue and gods always at war. To secure her future independence she sets out to find the answers that no one will speak to her and finds she knows more than they do. That something ancient and primordial, something that frightened even the gods, had in fact been erecting itself for a very long time now, and it was inside of her. Thanks I really appreciate it!!

  10. Right now I’m listening to The Sun Also Rise. It’s a coincidence, but it is on the banned book list. I think because of the bull fighting? Not sure.

    1. I love it when that happens. When I was listening to Prep on audio last week I didn’t realize it was on the banned list either!

      Here is what ALA said about your book:
      Banned in Boston, MA (1930), Ireland (1953), Riverside, CA (1960), San Jose, CA (1960).
      Burned in Nazi bonfires in Germany (1933).

      The Sun Also Rises was banned in Boston, MA, in 1930, in Ireland in 1953, and in Riverside, CA in 1960. It was burned in Nazi bonfires of 1933. The book, like many others, was challenged and banned because of it language and use of profanity, and its central focus on sex, promiscuity and the overall decadence of its characters. One review noted that The Sun Also Rises and other Hemingway novels such as A Farewell to Arms were burned by the Nazis for being “too accurate” an account of war.

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