Morning Meanderings and two VERY Different Books I Want To Read

Good morning. 😀
*pause for dramatic and slow sip of coffee*

How ya all doing?

I am feeling pretty good and pretty “on task” for this weekends get together at my home.  Yesterday I cleaned out the garage…. so small feat, but it needed to be done and now it is so clean it looks like we were robbed.  The dead vacuum is gone, the totes of spare sheets that I use for when we serve with IHN for the homeless are packed away in a spare room, the bikes not in use have been moved to the other garage, the leaves and dirt that seems to blow in and accumulate… all removed.  Hopefully if the weather cooperates this space will be the hub of the get together with people drifting to the back deck and in the house and yard.


This morning I was reading Shelf Awareness (love this email – if you do not have it be sure to check it out on my right sidebar and grab it) and they had two books that caught my eye for very different reasons.  The first, October Mourning, still haunts me after seeing the trailer…



Matthew Sheppard’s story has pulled at my heart for years.  I have another book on the shelf about his story that I have yet to read just because I know it is going to be a book that breaks me down.  I will get there, hate crimes make me so angry.


And then… on a completely different brain wave I found this book to look interesting as well:


Mmmm hmmmm, doesnt that sound good?  I love books with cooking themes. 


SO I have to go get ready for work and call a friend but that is my morning thoughts today.  Hope your day is wonderful. 


What book has you wanting to make a purchase?

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings and two VERY Different Books I Want To Read

  1. I will be buying a copy of the Kitchen Counter Cooking School for my library-and maybe for myself 🙂 Sounds like a fantastic book! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. I want several books:

    The Sins of the Father by Archer, Jeffrey
    The Absolutist by Boyne, John
    A Land More Kind Than Home by Cash, Wiley
    Stay Close by Coben, Harlan
    City of Women by Gillham, David R.
    Heading Out To Wonderful by Goolrick, Robert
    Children of Wrath by Grossman, Paul
    Into the Darkest Corner by Haynes, Elizabeth
    Live by Night by Lehane, Dennis
    Cloud Atlas by Mitchell, David

    And I could go on and on.

  3. I read the Kitchen Counter Cooking School last December, I need to read it again! and figure out how to cook. After I read KCCS I also read her first book, the Sharper the Knife, the More You Cry. . . about her cooking school days in Paris !!!

    1. My heart aches when I think of Matthew Shepard, but pray – hard – that his story has reached enough people to make a difference in the acceptance and kindness of GLBT youth everywhere. How there can be such hatred confuses and angers me. Sheila, it will be difficult, but I do hope you read this book and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  4. I liked The Kitchen Counter Cooking School so much I bought copies and gave to my 2 daughters and daughter-in-law for Christmas last year! Hope you enjoy it, Sheila.
    I’m thinking of buying Gone Girl when the PB is published 🙂

  5. Oh man, so many I want to get… but a nice handful stick out at the moment:

    Beautiful Ruins by Jessica Walter
    The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman
    Breasts by Florence Williams
    Lizz Free or Die by Lizz Winstead
    End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman
    Arcadia by Lauren Groff
    Quiet: The Power of Introverts… by Susan Cain
    A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

    …and on and on… good thing my birthday is coming up in a couple months! 🙂

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