Morning Meanderings! SUNDAY and MUD SNOBS!


Good morning!  I totally skipped out on posting yesterday.  Friday I had a three hour bike ride and then came home and hubby wanted to go out to eat and by the time I was home from that I was exhausted.  😯

Saturday morning I was up at 5:45 to get ready and meet at my friend Amy’s with Paula and Courtney so we could drive the two hours to Brooklyn Part and take part in the 5K Mud Factor… which was….

a bust.

After participating in the AWESOME Muckruckus in August which was from start to finish mud mud and more mud, sticky mud, watery mud, thick mud, stinky mud, you name it – it was mud…. this was pretty much not what we thought it would be.

The Mud Factor took place in a corn maze which for the first three miles of the 3.2 run was just dirt trails and the occasional obstacle.  Some of the obstacles were small piles of dirt to go over… some were where they had dug a little hole for you to either jump in or over, but mud free.  There was some of the cool rope climbing and tough girl stuff like that – but not enough to make this a win.  At the very end there was a small slide down a hill into a little mud… very little, and at the very end you crawled through some thick mud under plastic ropes. 

All in all we agreed it was too much money ($70 to register, $10 for a t shirt, $10 for parking and $5 for them to hold your bag of clothes to change into in a place that was watched).  The Mud Ruckus was $100 registration but it was for MS and it included parking, a t shirt, your bag keeping, and food at the end. 

Anyhoo – live and learn and it was still a good time hanging out with friends.

Pics were taken on a disposable camera which I have not turned in yet so watch for them to show up later this week.  😛



A few books did come in the door this week, as my reading has slowed so has my review requesting. 

The bottom three are review books, the top is an audio version of The Knife of Never Letting Go which I purchased.

This morning I have church and later tonight I have a get together.  I hope to work on the book room a bit this afternoon and if it warms up perhaps cleaning out the garage for next weekends family get together.. I think it will be an audio day. 😀

What are you doing today?

21 Comments on “Morning Meanderings! SUNDAY and MUD SNOBS!

  1. The book I’m reading, TRUST YOUR EYES, is by an author I never read before, Linwood Barclay. I won it from, but the reason I entered the contest is that a blogger who I read every week just raves about his books. So I took her word for it but shouldn’t have. The book is a very long bore, it’s predictable, and it’s still working up to something 200 pages in. And I have to finish it so I can review it for

  2. Well yes, that mud event sounds like a dud! What a disappointment. You need a good amount of mud for such a thing, obviously! 😉

    The books look good. I’m waiting for my copy of the Dos Santos book – looking forward to reading it.

    • If you are going to call it a mud run.. there needs to be mud 😀 The metal we got at the end was cool… but over the top for the little we had just completed, it says something life – “You cheated death! MUD FACTOR!” NO, we did not cheat death unless I was in danger of tripping on a fallen corn stalk 😀

      • Ha ha, that sounds way over the top. It almost sounds like more of a children’s thing, the whole event including the medal.

  3. I was laughing just like Kathy! You are right though that is a lot of money and definitely not enough fun.
    We have been having a much of family stuff that has been dragging me down the last couple of weeks, maybe a little mud wrestling would help 🙂 Hoping for a better week this week but it is out of my hands. See you tomorrow!!

  4. Bummer. It’s always disapointing when the expensive ones turn out badly. As you said, at least you had great company!

  5. I’ve slowed way down on the review copy requests lately, and am aiming to spend a few months this winter reading my own books. I’m sure after that I’ll be enthusiastically awaiting more ARCs again. 🙂

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