Morning Meanderings…. Ever just feel weepy? (And The Midwest ROCKS!)

Good morning.  Its a bit nippy here in Minnesota this morning.  Currently a whopping 40 degrees with a high today of 59.  Ugh…. I finally have to admit, fall is here.  So, is that what is making me weepy?

Weepy could be because I am so close to have my book shelves done that I can taste it (wow, that don’t seem right…) and hopefully today will be the final day my home is invaded by the awesomeness of construction and alas when I come home from work I will be able to start moving books on to them.  SSQQQUUUEEEEE!

OR am I weepy because last night I watched Hunger Games and teared up when Prim’s name was called and Katniss says the all so famous line:

“I volunteer as tribute!”


was it Rue’s final moments and while Katniss weeps (apparently like me), she also shows she is still strong…

And just when I thought it was only last night where I was weepy, alas no…. because this morning I watched the World Book Night Video for the Midwest (give it up for my peeps!) and again… I tear up.



Awesome huh?   And as I sit here this morning I realize I still have not written my review for our book club book of September that rated the all time lowest rating we have ever given a book as a whole since we began in 2001.  😯

And that will have to wait for tomorrow because…

I already wrote today’s review last night and I have to go get ready for work as I want to be out of here and have the dogs settled before the construction begins today…

plus…. I really want a Caribou Coffee….

Whats the last big project you did at your home?


23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Ever just feel weepy? (And The Midwest ROCKS!)

  1. Hooray for bookshelves!! I hope they are done for you soon. We are in the midst of repainting our half bath and putting up wainscoting. It’s taking FOREVER…very hard to get anything done when you have to wait for your 1-year-old to go to sleep first! 🙂

  2. Nothing so wonderful as bookshelves!! I was up on a ladder yesterday painting my honey’s shop. He never liked the red barn look and recently framed in the lean-to carport in a grey color that matched the house better. We’re pretty excited about “grey” as quiet as the color (or non-color) is. We just finished the front section. And it looks really great!

  3. I am in a constant state of changing things around here. The latest thing was moving the huge coffee table from my living room and replacing it with the smaller office one; it was a big (heavy) project. Then had to move the heavy coffee table into the garage.

    Office now has the wicker trunk from my bedroom as the coffee table.

    Your bookshelf project is bigger…can’t wait to see them.

  4. Wow! Minnesota is pretty cold for fall. We haven’t dropped that low yet. Actually I just moved into a new apartment with two of my sisters and my niece. I don’t currently HAVE enough bookshelf space, so despite that fact that we’re all moved in, I still have a couple of boxes of books sitting around. 😀 Oh, well, next paycheck… Happy Tuesday! 😀

  5. Oh yeah…with all the fluctuations of female hormones I wouldn’t even attempt to explain why I get weepy. Moving on to household projects. I just revamped my daughter’s room and now I’m tackling my son’s. It’s fun and time-consuming and the look on my kid’s face when they see it for the first time is priceless. Just priceless.

  6. We had a high of 103 this weekend. I was supposed to do a Century and cancelled-the high there was 110. I am going to weep at the money I just spend on window coverings and buying a new sectional-all last week. Both were needed but paying the bill will not be fun.

  7. Last big project at my house was the master bathroom: new tile on floor, ceiling, and two walls, new paint on two walls, new shower, new vanity counter, new mirror, new light fixture, new faucets in shower and sink, new towel bar, new everything. No, it was not fun.

  8. In the next few weeks I will be taking down draperies and blinds to wash and possibly replacing the old, ugly drapes in the living room. I never liked them to begin with although Dale did but now he’s getting awfully tired of them too. Replacing was his idea and I’m all for it !

    1. It was called “This One is Mine” by Maria Semple. It was difficult to relate to or even like most of the characters for a variety of reasons, but I understand that her others books are different from this one and are better liked 🙂

  9. How exciting to have new bookshelves! Enjoy! I have to admit with the start of fall I get a bit depressed and sad myself. Carefree days of summer are gone. No more pontooning on the lake with my friends, with a cool margerona in my hand. Or a lazy Sunday afternoon reading on my deck while the birds visit the nearby birdfeeder….sigh. Your post reminds me that I still need to listen to the Mockingjay audiobook!

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