Morning Meanderings… A Night With Sandra Brannan


Oh what a night, is what is in my head right now!  My friend and fellow Bookie Susan went with me yesterday afternoon to drive the 2 1/2 hours to Minneapolis to go to a book event at Magers and Quinn Booksellers (also where Michelle from Red Headed Book Child) works.  We arrived around 4:35 pm where we checked out the book store and then Sandra found us. 

The three of us went down the block to a Thai restaurant that was fun and delicious and then we proceeded to talk for the next two and a half hours about books and research and life and well… we had a BLAST!  We then went back to the store for Sandra’s book event where we shared more about her books, the direction they are going – and what might be coming next!  SSSQQQUUUEEEEE!

We were there until about 9:45 pm when we made out way to the parking ramp and started out trek home – but no complaints coming from this chick – we had so much fun – Sandra is so down to earth and so filled with awesomeness – really – if you get a chance to meet her do not hesitate to do so. 



That was a great night! 

As far as books that entered my home this week – it was a mellow week and the top two I purchased last night:

I have to run, I am meeting a friend this morning and then I want to get home to read and chill today – my life explodes back to BUSY tomorrow. 😀

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Night With Sandra Brannan

  1. I’m really keen to read The Black Count because The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite books, and I had no idea he’d modelled the character on his own father! Have to ask: why do you have two copies?

    I got a copy of Ready Player One recently too, all my blogging friends loved it.

  2. We also got to meet Sandra at SIBA and she was someone you just instantly fall in love with. And although you had a blast before meeting with this female miner, I bet you had one with her as well!

  3. It was a thrill to meet Susan for the first time and to see Sheila again. Bloggers like Sheila and Michelle and independent Booksellers like Magers & Quinn have been the wind at my sail since debuting in 2010. Thank you, thank you!!

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