Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Sept 10 – 14

Welcome To Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  As part of this exciting week I will be offering a $15  gift card to Amazon to one lucky commenter this week.  To enter just comment on any post I write this week starting with the Monday What Are You Reading (and yes, including this post too) all the way through Fridays posts.  You will receive one entry per comment so if you comment on seven posts, you will have seven entries (note, the comment does need to be an actual comment that contributes to the discussion – not a one word “sweet” or “awesome”).  😀

Also continue to watch for other giveaways throughout the week – you will know when I post them but here is a sample of what I will be giving away throughout this week, just watch for the posts:

40 Comments on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Sept 10 – 14

  1. I’m also participating. It promises to be a fun week where we can show how much we appreciate each other. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  2. I follow a lot of wonderful book bloggers…Thanks for being one of them!

  3. Glad to see you are participating-I just did my post as I am 12 hours ahead of east coast USA!

  4. My MIL loves Hannah’s books. I swear she’s read all of them. Hope you enjoy it. (Also, I just recently picked up the audio of Coben’s YA book. Hoping that it’s good because I’d like to recommend it to my middle schoolers.)


  5. Always generous! I’m planning to do a giveaway too, this week, but it’s still vague in my head. 🙂

    Have a great time with BBAW!

  6. It sounds like it’s gonna be a fun week! I just finished reading a review on Seconds Away. I’ll have to look up the other two.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  7. I appreciate YOU! I always think of the energizer bunny when I think of you. 😀 Happy BBAW

  8. GAh I am so annoyed I somehow missed the entire buzz about this year’s BBAW!!! You’re the first person I saw post anything about it. I have participated several times before, so I’m bummed.

  9. I am excited to read your review on Kristin Hannah’s book. I think I want to read it. I’ll see after I read your review.

  10. Oh, that sounds fun! I commented on It’s Monday! What are you reading, as always. 🙂 I am reading the Duke of Shadows. 🙂

  11. Oh is it that time again already?! (or is BBAW twice a year? Feels like it was just on! not that I’m complaining. 🙂 )

    I was just looking at Gods of Gotham on the weekend, thinking it looked like a great read. Have you read it? Is it good?

  12. Some how I missed the fact that BBAW started this week. I didn’t even get signed up for the interview swap 😦

  13. What an awesome giveaway … and I really didn’t focus on the fact that BBAW was starting now!! I’ve had too much going on and kind of missed out on it. Doesn’t seem to be as big and involved as in years past, huh?

  14. Ok, this year’s BBAW seriously snuck up on me! I’m completely unprepared! But this does not mean I’m not going to appreciate my fellow bloggers, I’m going to appreciate the heck out of them! Thank you, Sheila!!!

  15. you are on my list for today.. this is my first time at BBAW.. and was a last minute, literally, effort to dive back into blogging after a break.. and I am so glad…

  16. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 Coben is one of my favorite authors. I came upon his books by chance when I picked up a pb of The Innocent at Goodwill(LOVE browsing thrift store shelves) and was hooked. I read Caught and enjoyed it as well. I was curious about his foray into the YA genre so I read Shelter earlier this year so I’m eager to read the sequel. His books never disappoint. The storyline always goes in a direction I don’t expect and there’s always snappy dialogue and a dose of humor. I own several other books by Coben yet to be read and the movie(French), Tell No One, based on his book is on my to-be-watched list.

    I own several of Hannah’s books, including Night Road, but I have yet to read one. I picked them up b/c the storylines sounded great and her covers are always so pretty.

  17. I really want to write sweet and awesome now. A lovely sample. I look forward to seeing what’s ahead too.

  18. Okay, I am ready!!!

    Between reading my students writing essays I am reading Life is So Good by George Dawson for my IRL Book Group. I love how I am led to books I might not have chosen by this group. Oops…I am still reading Gone Girl too!! I am one lucky girl. Two good books.

    Bring it on. I am ready to comment each day to try for that Harlan Coben book! 😉

  19. I missed participating but I’m a new blogger. Hope to do it next time though 🙂

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  20. Thanks for the give away Sheila! I’m new to book blogging and BBAW, but I loved your post today at BBAW and had to stop by! By the way, how do you keep all of the books listed in your side bar straight?! I read Kristen Hannah’s “Winter Garden” earlier this year and enjoyed it. Lots of relationship stuff, and at times quite sad. I’m interested in what people think about “Night Road.”

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