Morning Meanderings – Jill (Softdrink) Made Me Do It

Good morning!  It doesn’t take me long to get back into town and then get involved in something.  It started with some innocent blog visiting (or so I thought) and then WHAM!  I go visit Jill at Fizzy Thoughts and read this:

I know your TBR list is huge. I know your commitments are many. I know that there are so many things on which you must take a stand, and it can be exhausting to make reading a political activity. But this is so important to me, and I really think it should be important to you, too. None of us lives in a monochromatic world, and yet the fact that terrifying hate crimes still occur makes it clear that we do not fully understand or trust each other. And maybe part of the reason is because the media we consume does not accurately reflect the diversity of our society. And books are such a massive part of the media we consume that we should demand and fight for those that do represent minorities and those that do present the world from a different perspective than the one we are used to. So please – participate. You may just discover a character or an author or a setting or a story that will completely change your life.

So of course… all of this “too much on my plate already” applies to me but now my curiosity is piqued so I follow the Bloggy trail to BookLust and learn more about this Diverse Universe Blog Tour that is important and informative and basically had me signing on the dotted line.   The basic plan?  Read one book written by a person of color between September 23 and 29.  If you are stumped at what to pick.. lists are provided.

So after reading all that I checked out the lists and set up to be a part of the tour and my book I will be reading is:

If you want to participate sign up here.   Thanks Jill for letting me know about this 😀

This morning I have hauled my sleepy self to the YMCA where I have committed to meeting my friend Trish for morning workouts.  I have not been to the YMCA in months, but fall is here and its time to commit to an exercise regimen so here I am trying to get started….  out plan was to meet at 6:30 am.  I am already tired just thinking about it…

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings – Jill (Softdrink) Made Me Do It

  1. I’ve seen this floating around out in the blogosphere. I do have so much on my plate but I’m off to check it out. Thanks!

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