Waiting On John Green (Write John write!!!)



It started in late June of this year.  I was just back from BEA (Book Expo of America) for a few weeks and had been staring down that copy of The Fault In Our Stars for far too long.  It was starting to feel like summer and I was in the mood to try this author I had heard so much about.  I opted to go audio with this one as life was already getting active and audio works better for me in the busy summer days. 

I will never forget that I finished listening to The Fault In Our Stars from the back on my husbands motor cycle on the fourth of July…. crying.  Now before you say, “Uh no thanks Sheila, why would I put myself through a painful book about young people dying of cancer!”, let me remind you that you would also probably never wanted to read the Hunger Games, a book about kids killing kids.  BUT – if you read Hunger Games, chances are you loved it (if you haven’t you are missing out – but that is a whole other post for a whole other day… :razz:).  What I am saying is that The Fault In Our Stars is blow you away good and one of the best audio books I have listened to this year and I am certain it would also be one of the best books.


And so, it was on the Fourth Of July that I finished The Fault In Our Stars, and began listening to Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  While Will Grayson x 2 took a little longer for me to get the flow of, I was soon loving it as well… listening to it throughout my day and while mowing the lawn.  I now knew that John Green was not a one hit wonder.  He has a knack for creating characters that are smart, and witty, and bookish, and even a bit geeky and all things I LOVE.  And so my book love affair with John Green grew….



Now on a John Green self-appointed read-a-thon I found my way to Looking For Alaska, and find myself in a college setting of characters alive and “college style daring” – pranks and rule breaking and I am now even more infatuated with these fun and flawed characters that have been brought to life through John Green’s imagination and created through his fingertips as they are written out on paper and tapped out on keyboards. 


Then in August I finished up listening to Paper Towns and found that Margo reminded me a bit of Alaska, reckless…. but Margo even more so in a self-centered sort of way that fascinated and annoyed me all at once.  Margo did not make the book for me but the other characters did and that is another brilliant thing about John Green’s characters… there may be a main character, but all of his other characters play big supporting roles and you see that throughout all his books but can really see it and feel it in this one.



An Abundance Of Katherine’s was an impracticable story (really… only dating girls names Katherine?) BUT – in John Greens way with words… this did not matter.  I loved this one for the sheer joy of listening to the characters come alive, for laughing out loud about crazy scenes (really… a wild boar?) and just because John Green makes me smile.   This is also my second encounter with John Green where he uses two characters who share a name and something about that… seems smart, like why would you do that?  And more importantly… why wouldn’t you do that? 



And so now here I am…. going Green… but I seem to be out of books.  😯  Yes, I know he has a Christmas read, but I can not read Christmas books when the temps outside remain in the 80’s.  That one will have to wait.  It’s hard to explain all the wonderfulness of John Green’s writing.  He is extremely quote worthy.   You will be reading along this funny YA read and suddenly something written will give you pause.  You find yourself tucking it away in your brain files or writing it down on the scrap peace of mail that is closest to you so you can refer back to it later. 


SO John Green, this message is to you.  Are you writing something new?  How long must I wait for this work of awesomeness?  Is there anything I can do to help move this process along?  Bring you coffee?  Mow your lawn?  Walk your dog?  Send you manilla envelopes filled with gum wrappers with potential character names written on them?  Talk to me. 


23 thoughts on “Waiting On John Green (Write John write!!!)

  1. I’m literally laughing out loud, too funny 😉 Isn’t it great when you fall in love with an author like this? I hope you don’t have to wait too long!

    I really really need to start reading this fella!

  2. Awesome post, Sheila! I saw on one of JG’s vlogs that he was planning to write his “entire new novel” on his treadmill desk. So, I guess he has something in the works, right?! I hope.

  3. John has to be one of the most brilliant people out there. Not just for his writing, but for all the Nerdfighter things he does, how him and his brother created not just Leakycon, but also Vidcon, and how their vlogs have reached a whole group of people and how much stuff they have done. It’s insane and beautiful.

    As for his books, I will never forget the day I read TFIOS. Ever. I cried so hard for the last half of the book and when I finished, I cried some more. Then every time I thought about Hazel and Augustus, I would cry all over again. I honestly felt like I lost a couple of friends when I finished the book.
    John has said to people who asked him “how do I get people to read TFIOS? Because everyone says they don’t want to read a book about cancer kids.” He said “tell them you will let them punch you in the stomach if they don’t like it. Don’t worry, you’ll probably not get punched in the stomach.”

    Great reviews for his books. It’s always awesome to see new people fall in love with JG’s books.

  4. I adored An Abundance of Katherines and loved their road trip! So glad that you’ve found Green and all of his goodness!!!

  5. I just listened to TFIOS on audio, and it was wonderful! Bad idea for me to listen while driving, but it actually kept me from bawling too much because I was usually on my way to work and didn’t want everyone to see me with puffy, red-rimmed eyes and ask why I looked like that, which would get me started all over again!

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