Morning Meanderings…. I cant believe I forgot to post the MUCKRUCKUS Pics

Good morning.  I am at camp this week and internet seems to be very S L O W here so we will see how this goes. 😀

As I was reviewing my posts from this past week I realized I never posted the pictures from two weekends ago of the Muckruckus.  “Doh!”  So,this morning, here is my recap of the Muckruckus.

First off – the Muckruckus ROCKED.  Second of all, the Muckruckus was HARD and it kicked my butt.  Note to self…. next year I need to actually train for that event.  😀

Before we were dirty: L: Amy, Me, and Wendy

Some of the things we did

Oh yeah.. thats me in the front in the blue





The two crazy girls sliding across the finish line are sadly.. not me. They are my friends Amy and Wendy and by the time we finished my feet hurt so bad from bring filled with mud and rocks I could hardly walk…. next year though… I am rocking this.


So there is my brief recap.  I have lots more pics but as I mentioned I am at camp and having a good time, doing a little writing and talking with a lot of people.  I will be around all week, should have a review up yet this afternoon.


23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. I cant believe I forgot to post the MUCKRUCKUS Pics

  1. Looks like you had a blast! My DIL wants me and my daughter to do the Warrior Dash with her in Feb. My son did it last year and had a blast, but next year he’s doing Tough Mudder.

    1. The Warrior Dash is a lot of fun and I bet you would enjoy it. The Tough Mudder is a but scarier… they actually put electrical wiring in the mud and shock you… if I am brave enough I want to do that one next year.

  2. Those pictures are amazing!! Love that you put “me in the blue shirt!!” it had just that little itty bit of blue left that hadn’t been covered in mud…yet!!!

  3. This looks harder than the mud run I did, but it looks like fun! I’ve been looking at doing another one that’s just a couple of hours away… Good job!

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