Morning Meanderings…. Inching My Way Back


Good Morning!  Anyone else starting to feel the signs of fall outside?  Our mornings here in central Minnesota have certainly been cooler.  Current temp in 50 degrees.  On one hand, I am not ready…  I have been loving summer big time and out and enjoying as much as I can of it.  On the other hand… I do miss books and reading.

Finally this past weekend I was able to pick up a book and finish it.  Then last night, I finished The Crying Tree by Naseem Rahka and wow oh wow oh wow oh wow.   Our book club review tonight should be something awesome… and I still dont know what I am cooking for it…. 😯

This coming Thursday is out fall Library sale and I am so excited about that, but was hoping my shelves would be up in the book room so I would have an idea of what I would like to add… just found out yesterday it may not be until next week that they get on to the shelves, possible the week after.  BUMMER.

SO how about you, does your reading change with the seasons?  What is your big reading season? 


11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Inching My Way Back

  1. I have actually been reading pretty consistently through the seasons this year. It’s too hot to go out much in the summer, so air conditioned rooms call to me.

    I do like curling up under an afghan in the winter, though.

  2. Fall is definitely in the air in the morning here with lows around 68. I don’t think my reading changes with the season, although I do get less read around the holidays.

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed The Crying Tree. I thought it was a wonderful book. I’d be interested in hearing what your book club thought.

  4. The evenings/mornings here are cooling off a bit, which we love as we spend more time out on the patio listening to music, reading and enjoying family time. My reading habits do change with the seasons, but mostly due to the kids and their activities. I’m going through more audio right now, since we’re spending more time in the car driving to/from destinations, but I don’t really have a chunk of time to read like I do in the fall/winter.

  5. It’s gone from the 100s and humid here down to the 80s/90s and humid. It’s a relief, although I can’t wait for real fall weather…

    Generally I’m prone to reading lighter books in the summer, then jumping back in with heavier ones in the fall.

  6. Ugh! I’ve had a bad reading summer. Two many vacation trips–:) Although I love vacations. I’m trying to get myself organized and get back on my feet and routine. My husband wants to take one more vacation…….I should be excited, but I’m ready to settle back down.

  7. I’m not sure my reading pattern changes too much, but the cold and freezing fingers as I read throughout winter does make it sometimes prohibitive 🙂

  8. Great question. Definitely NOT summer!! Lol. I’ll never forget the year I tackled the Twilight series as soon as the kids started school. I think I read the entire time they were suddenly absent from the house, which makes me want to say “Fall”. But the real answer is… “The Stressful Season”, whenever that is. The more adventurous my real life, the deeper I dive into something else to think about!!

  9. I have noticed that I tend to read more of my own books in the winter and more advance copies in the summer, other than that I don’t have a real reading season. Usually I get a ton of reading done when my kids are at school and/or my husband is traveling. Other times life takes over and there’s just no time for reading. So it’s a sporadic and unplanned thing for the most part, but since I generally get enough time for reading I can’t complain. 🙂

  10. I was hoping you’d like The Crying Tree. It took you so loooooonnnnnggg (lol) to read it I was afraid you must be bored stiff with it or something!

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