Morning Meanderings… Hope Springs With Friends

Good morning!  😀 

Friday!  Don’t you just love weekends?  😀  I am sitting here this morning with the back door to the deck open feeling that lovely warm breeze come in and brush across my shoulder.  If I could bottle today and repeat it 365 days a year I would.  This is a day that holds adventures and promises and I can not wait!

Last night, after a lovely dinner with a group of friends, I then went to the movie Hope Springs with Wendy, Heidi, and Susan.  I had two free tickets from hosting the House Party for Hope Springs last week.  It was a cute movie about a couple Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones who have been married for 31 years and Meryl’s character, Kay, wants to put some sort of the spark back into their marriage….. Tommy Lee Jones character, Arnold, feels that their marriage is fine even though he has barely touched her in 5 years and they sleep in separate bedrooms.  Enter Steve Carell as Dr Felt, book writer and marriage therapist, and you have a bitter sweet comedy that at times is honestly sad how far they have drifted apart. 

People watching at the theater was a bonus to the movie, we were pretty close to the youngest ones there and it was fun to watch these older couples reactions to different parts of the movie.  Laughing and jabbing each other in the ribs.  There was also a woman up front who had a boisterous laugh and when something struck her funny – well, we all had to laugh too. 

A fun movie to see with friends, only one scene a little “risky” when Meryl and Tommy are in a move theater, but nothing over the top – the movie is rated PG13. 

It was my first time in our new theater, and I LOVE the changes…. we have finally entered the world of stadium seating and nice comfy chairs that rock.  A real improvement from what we had before where you did not dare sit your purse on the floor next to your chair for fear you would never be able to release it from the gooey substance that would hold it as tight as super glue… subsequently, it was amazing you could walk out of the theater with your shoes intact as they suction cupped to the gooey floor and you “plungered” your way to the safety of the outside. 

Today, I leave for Wisconsin at 2:00 Pm with my friend Amy and Wendy.  We are doing the Muckruckus tomorrow morning for MS.  We are all first time “Muckruckusers”  and I am both excited and apprehensive.  From those who have done this before me that I know, they say it is a LOT OF MUD.  This is not like the Warrior Dash where we get a little mud at the end.  Nope – this is solid mud and if I recall, it is a 10K (holy cats…..) and a lot of obstacles.  So….. another adventure for this small town Brainerd girl. 

I think I will bring Laptop with me today – then I can post in the morning and I have reviews (believe it or not!) for both today and tomorrow!  Slowly I am finding my way back to the mix of books and activity combined. 

As for now… I need to plan what I am going to wear tomorrow.  They suggest pants  because the rocks in the mud hurt your knees.  I may get a bandana but I suspect it will be sucked off my head in the mud, tennis shoes that will never be the same again, and a tank top.  I think… I don’t know.  😀 

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Hope Springs With Friends

  1. I can’t wait to see Hope Springs! Tomorrow, I think….

    I am chuckling at your description of the gooey floors in the old theater…I’ve certainly experienced those venues! And I’m spoiled from our neighborhood theater that has stadium seating; I can’t go to the others for any reason…

    Have a great weekend….it sounds wonderful.

  2. Did you say stadium seating? We now have a few theaters with comfy recliners and food service. Seriously, they serve snacks and drinks. I’m more of a rent-the-dvd person but once a year I go on an adventure to the theater… and yes, we have stadium seating. 😉

    Good luck in the mud tomorrow!

  3. As a short person I love stadium seating but my theater doesn’t have it so I try to sit behind children or other short persons 🙂

    This movie sounds good though I will likely wait to see it on DVD. Meryl Streep is a wonderful actress and it will be interesting to see Tommy Lee Jones in such a different role.

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