The Goodbye Summer by Patricia Gaffney

Change is good.


32 year old Caddie Winger had been raised by her grandmother since she was 9 years old, after her mother had died.  Now, Nana is no longer as strong as she used to be, and Caddie finds that the roles has reversed, and now she is the caretaker.  When Nana falls and breaks her leg she insists on going to an assisted living home, much to Caddie’s objections.  Now, suddenly Caddie finds herself living alone for the first time since college.

When visiting the home to see her Nana, Caddie meets a whole cast of interesting characters, that not only occupy some of her lonely time, but also teach her life lessons that are priceless.


Why did I want to listen to this audio?  Title.  I love summer.  If the title is going to have the word “summer” in it, I am going to take a closer look… 😀


*sigh*  This is going to be hard review, mainly because I just really never connected with Caddie at all.  The story was basic, nothing profound or original that spoke to me.  While a sweet story, and funny at points (I did really enjoy my time in the assisted living home with that crack group of characters!), there were no big “ah ha” moments for me…

and maybe, that is not important. 


in this case, the book needed something to glue it together… and either I missed it or it wasn’t there (both… are possible.)  Goodbye Summer is a fine story and as long as you are looking for just a good read that passes a beautiful summer time with a marginal main character but a cast of fun background characters who even in an assisted living home are working on their bucket lists (I do admit.. I like their style) then Goodbye Summer can fit the bill.

9 thoughts on “The Goodbye Summer by Patricia Gaffney

  1. Too bad you didn’t connect with the main character. My great-aunt, and I do mean “great,” was the head of a county nursing home. When I was a teenager I spent lots of time there and I loved the old people at the home. I learned a lot of them too, including the worth of listening to old people.

  2. Sometimes I am less fussy with audio books than I am with print ones, not being bothered quite so much if I don’t connect. Sorry it didn’t meet your standards.

  3. I’m trying to determine which version you listened to. If the narrator was Jan Maxwell and the publisher was Harper Audio and the length was about 5-6 hours, it was an abridged edition, which may explain some of the issues you had. If the narrator was Laurence Bouvard and the publisher was ISIS and the length was nearly 11 hours, it was the unabridged version. The ISIS version is out of print. The only version available on Audible and OverDrive is the abridged version. The only version available on CD is also the abridged version.

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