Morning Meanderings…. I want To Make This, I want To Read That!

Good morning.  I am sitting here with coffee this morning watching Mater (new dog – part beagle/ part basset hound) tear through the house.  Its funny… and like I said, I have coffee so all is well in my little corner of the world.  😀

Yesterday I actually found some time between work and laundry and lawn mowing and reading to visit a few blogs, most were part of the Monday What Are You Reading Meme, but a few were blogs I just love to read and some were random that I seen in my travels.  Point being, when one (errr, I) travel around to blogs….  books, maybe movies, sometimes recipes or ideas, travel back with me….. clinging to my brain.  😀

So while looking around the blogs yesterday here are a couple finds I came back with:

Heather at Based On A True Story just read this one and many things appealed to me about it.  One and probably two… the title… Eat and Run…. I do like to eat and while I do not like to run…. I wish I did.  Scott’s memoir s about his training, how he ate to get the best performance and 3., he is a Minnesotan… and well, Minnesotan’s are just really cool people.  😛

Heather’s entire book list she posted yesterday were books I wanted to read…. dangerous site!

And then…. I stopped in to see how Meg was doing from write meg! and she is cooking.  Yes!  Cooking…. and she is cooking these awesome looking Spanish Green Beans that have me thinking… I could do that! 

Seriously, look at these – this is Meg’s picture and links to her recipe:

I seriously am going to make these this week some time.  I am trying to make healthier eating choices and this has all goodies in it!

My final thought for the day, (well, actually I hope this is not my final thought for the day because work is going to be interesting if I can not think…) I mean – my final thought here on this post that I want to share is that BOOK PAGE listed Gone Girl yesterday as their book of the day and that is super SQQUUUEEE  Worthy if I do say so myself, and yeah, I guess I just did. 

My day today looks like this – I work until 3, then I pick up my bike from the shop.  It is getting new tires, an a few other goodies I am excited about.  Then I hope to go for a bike ride to check it all out because I have a BIG ride this weekend and want my bike to be in fab working order. 

Hope your day is awesome and many great reads come your way! 

On that note, while blog traveling, and books that you decided you must read thanks to someone’s gushing/raving sqquuueeeeing about a book?  (I do love it when that happens!)

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. I want To Make This, I want To Read That!

  1. Anything is possible with coffee!! 😀
    Thanks for the great links and I have to visit the dangerous blog for sure!! I love how active and passionate you are about bicycling!!! Have a great day!

  2. Oooh, I hope you love the green beans! They’re seriously delicious, and one of my go-to recipes. I’ve been trying to cook/eat healthier lately, too, and that means reaching for more fresh produce. It’s the way to go!

  3. Your review of Gone Girl had me scrambling to learn more about this book. I love cycling and we did it as a family to explore the PEI northern coastline. It was so beautiful!

  4. Everywhere I go I see Gone Girl! Just sayin’.

    I saw those beans on Meg’s blog too. As soon as my garden starts producing beans again (the plants were destroyed by the recent hail storm 😦 ) I am going to try that recipe.

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