Morning Meanderings… A Few Things From The Yard

Hi all — I am up North today and the first part of tomorrow… laptop is safely on the kitchen table at home because I have no internet at the cabin so this is a timed post and I am hoping it all worked well and it went live Saturday morning and you are all like “wow… that Sheila, so clever!”  LOL….NOT.

Next week I should have cabin pics for you as I am currently with three good friends and we are biking the Gitchigami trail up by the cabin – yay Rhonda, Sheila, and Belinda!!!

This week however, while mowing I took a couple of pics of the fruit trees in my yard…. first the back story….  in 2001 our home was hit by a tornado.  We lost a good part of our home, our business, and about 40 trees out of our yard.  I am a big time tree lover and the following summer my super great friends of Wal-Mart (Cindy, Heidi, and Sara) all came over, potlucked and each planted two trees for me…. I now have two silver maples, two apple trees and a plum and cherry tree.

Today features one of the apple trees we planted in 2002:

and the plum tree:

I am a huge memory person, LOVE things that have special meaning and surround myself with just that.  These trees and their yearly produce reminds me that even in the worst of events…. life does go on, and friends are always there to lend a helping hand. 🙂

I post these pics for the Saturday Snapshot Meme by Alyce at At Home With Books.  Pop in and see what everyone else is taking pictures of 🙂

See you tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. 😀

28 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Few Things From The Yard

  1. Um, as far as I’m concerned, you’re always “up North.” lol I hope you’re having a great weekend. I love trees as well and think fruit trees are extra special, especially when they’re planted with love.

  2. I hope you are enjoying the weekend up north! Good for you for timed posts… for me I have taken most of the summer off since I can’t plan ahead (HA!). 🙂

    I will be reading Yes, Chef soon… can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I want to read it by mid-August, when I see my friend (who bought the book for me).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Yaaay for the apple trees! I am big tree lover too. I like all of them. And the plants and flowers and birds and even the naughty critters that dig up the yard. Have a great unplugged weekend.

      1. The squirrels and even the bunnies are eating the apples. I hope they leave a few for me. Bunnies are allowed to eat a lot of things in my yard… for plants I want to protect I have an organic, non-toxic spray that is supposed to taste like rotten eggs & chili pepper to the bunnies. (Blech!) So far, it’s working.

  4. A neighbor has invited us over to pick peaches from her trees, but I haven’t decided what to make with them yet. The peaches on our tree aren’t ready yet, even though we’re only a block away from her. Good job with the scheduled post!

  5. have a great time at your cabin. We were lucky enough to stay on a wine farm that had an apple orchard laden with fruit, it was so wonderful to walk through and pick what we wanted, your photos reminded me of it 🙂

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