Morning Meanderings… Spoiler Button (I LOVE YOU!) and Weekend Cabin Plans

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I have been up for hours already but you would never know it.  I have walked the dogs and started some laundry, had a little coffee and really what has kept me busy this morning is that I wrote my review post to Gone Girl.  WOW.

That book kept me reading and readers, you know how we all love that.  I carried that book to the kitchen, to the living room, to my car, to work, and last night, even next to the grill (for those who borrow my book, I apologize in advance for the BBQ sauce on the lower corner of the final pages).  I even went up to the attic of the blog and pulled out the Spoiler Button.  I do not get to use it often… but I love it when I do. 😀

The Spoiler Button was something I created a couple of years back that led to a page where I could discuss a book in-depth with those who had also already read that book…. spoilers in that case, are allowed.  If you check out my SPOILER page, you will see all the books I have written Spoiler Pages for and some of the discussions are still going strong because some of these books became movies and that opens it all up again.  😀


I leave this afternoon for the cabin with my cousin’s wife and two other friends I ride bike with.  We are taking the bikes to the North Shore and biking tomorrow and I am looking forward to it, but will also miss Mater and the gang here.  I will be back Sunday afternoon.  I have another review to write and will hopefully be able to do that after I run a  few errands this morning and then get back here to pack. 

Any fun weekend plans for you?  I would love to hear about them!


12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Spoiler Button (I LOVE YOU!) and Weekend Cabin Plans

  1. I have had grandson Noah all week, so now I’m looking forward to a weekend to myself…lol

    I don’t think I’m going to be able to wait for Gone Girl! It sounds too good! Just like I couldn’t wait very long for One Breath Away. Gone Girl is sitting on Sparky, just tempting me….

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Everyone has really been raving about this book! I just may have to splurge and buy Gone Girl for my Kindle this weekend! I have to work this weekend so I think I should get some sort of treat, right (like I need an excuse to buy a book)? Your weekend sounds like it will be much more fun than mine! Have a great time!

  3. I hope you have great weekend! Mine is going to be insanely busy but in a good way. We’re going to a baseball game, helping with a surprise birthday party, going hiking, visiting both sides of the family (which sounds impressive, but since they live right next to each other it’s more like “I’m going next door to visit with my mom – be back in a few minutes”). 🙂 Then we’re wrapping it all up with another birthday party. So I’ll pretty much be absent from the internet for a while.

  4. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned Sheila! I was supposed to attend a wedding tomorrow, but I think I am going to skip it and hang low at home. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since my grandma passed away.

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