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Good morning.  A quick pop in before I go back to work this morning.  Yes, my glorious two free days are over but they were just what I needed.  😀 
I got a little sun, I got in some reading (YAY!!!), my home is all caught up on the cleaning, I had time with friends, and two days to love on the new puppy, Mater.
This morning I am sitting here with Coffee cup, one eye on my keyboard, one eye on the time trying to balance this post, my getting ready, and packing my lunch, with sailing into work at precisely 5 or so minutes early because that is the way I like to start my days, smoothly… and non rushed. 

In bookish news I have read almost the first 200 pages of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and holy smokes I wish sleep was not necessary!  What a good read… I think I know whats happening, but then I don’t… and then… GAH!!!  😀  I also started listening to Paper Towns by John Green last night and it is still in the really early part but I am already picking up themes from Looking For Alaska… 

Ok, thats my time.  Review up later today…. looks like the rain storm that hit us last night has stopped so I think it will be another lovely day for reading on the deck after work today!

Where do you like to read this time of year?

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  1. If it is not too hot, my swing on my deck is my favorite place to read.

  2. I read anywhere I can: during lunch at work, in car waiting on traffic, sitting in a comfy while the kids are playing outside, in the recliner while the kids play inside, standing in the kitchen while I am cooking….this could go on forever. I am a single mom with a 2 year old and a soon to be 4 year old. I also am on the road commuting to and from my job at least 2.5 hours a day, so I take advantage of anytime that I can read a good book. I am also working on my Bachelors degree, so we classes are going by book reading time drastically decreases.

  3. I do love curling up on my long sofa….I can spread out. And there’s a coffee table where I can set up iced tea.

    I also enjoy the patio if it’s not too hot.

    Now I’m going over to order Gone Girl. I have been salivating over this one.

    • In the house Laurel I love my hubbies recliner… a blanky, and mmm yes, ice tea! I hope to finish Gone Girl tonight, my friend is going to pick i up tomorrow afternoon to read 😀

  4. favorite place to read. . . any where? 😉
    Actually, the end of the couch in our TV room has good lighting and a place for a drink and my “what I’m trying to read now” stack. I’m able to tune out the television to read but still feel like I’m part of the family activities. Sometimes I even put my book down, gasp!

    post about my summer plans 😀

  5. I’m so impressed that you’re caught up – I don’t think I ever will be again.

  6. Love to read in bed…..anytime of year! Can’t wait to read Gone Girl. Everyone is talking about it.

  7. Gone Girl is on by TBR shelf, sounds like I need to get to it!

  8. Oh, I love reading on my deck! The storm hit us early this morning, and boy was it needed!

  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about Gone Girl recently I think I might have to look into this one.

  10. I want to read Gone Girl so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed your extra days off!

  11. Gone Girl was an absolutely riveting read, an amazing book, think I`ll read it again at some stage as I think its that kind of book, at least for me as I`m bound to have missed something! I picked up two of John Green`s books yesterday, can`t wait to read them!

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