Morning Meanderings… Key word: RELAXATION

Good morning.  Day two of my “bonus” days off and I am enjoying the down time.  Yesterday I read, I napped in the sun, I wrote a bit, I blogged a bit, I visited with a couple of friends, I left the house only briefly, otherwise I layed low, listened to audio and not much else 😀 

Today I need to ship some books but other than that I plan to repeat yesterday because once you master something so well… I think it is best to repeat 😀

So what am I reading?  Well… that remains to be seen.  I started The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjallian…

… but seemed to struggle getting into… I am thinking just a bit heavy for my deck hanging out plan, so I switched to The Reunion by Lauraine Snelling…

…. and the book is perfectly fine and I may continue it today but what is calling me thanks to my friend Angie, is Gone Girl…


Which I quote Angie:  ” Has anyone read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn? I definitely need to talk to someone about this one!”  SO, my copy arrived yesterday and I may just drop everything and do that one instead.  😀


Do you find that this time of year your book attention span is ummm…. smaller?  I know mine is… I need books that grab me right away and hang on tight.  My attention span grows again as we get into fall and winter.

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Key word: RELAXATION

  1. Thank you for writing this blog today. I needed to hear it wasn’t just me! I am a new blogger and I wasn’t sure what I should do when I found a book difficult to get into or just didn’t want to read it.

    thank you!

  2. I have had Gone Girl on my list for awhile…need to get it soon!

    Yesterday I read One Breath Away and wasn’t tempted to read anything else. It left me….breathless.

  3. I have Gone Girl on reserve from the library and have heard nothing but good things about it. I am just starting One Breath Away and can tell it is going to be a winner. At one time if I started a book, no matter how bad I found it, I always finished it. Not anymore, if it doesn’t grab me by 50 or 75 pages, I’m on to the next one. Too many good books to waste your time on a bad one. However all this being said, I just got a new puppy and my reading time has been reduced and at bed time I’m nodding off into my book. lol

  4. enjoy your bonus day! My reading attention span in general suffers during the summer. I just don’ thave as much time for it.

  5. I have heard nothing but good things about Gone Girl and am very tempted to get a copy and try and squeeze it in to the pile of books I’m reading this summer.

    It’s annoying when there’s a book I want to read and it’s difficult to get into it. I’m listening to The Orphanmaster now and had to go back and re-listen to the first half-hour or so to get all the names, places and some of the plot right in my head. I’m struggling but determined!

  6. I’ve heard great things about Gone Girl. If you want some suggestions of quick fun reads I’d recommend Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder and On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves (good guilty pleasure reading there).

  7. It does seem a bit difficult to focus my reading when the weather is so nice outside and I feel like I should be out there enjoying it. I did lay by the pool this weekend and read a bit so felt less guilty about neglecting my reading. I’ve heard Gone Girl is a must read so I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

  8. Yay! Glad you picked up Gone Girl! I am next on the list for One Breath Away at the library. I was worried a little about reading On the Island, but I was presently surprised, so Alyce is right about that one.

  9. This is the summer of my reading rut for some reason. I can’t seem to finish anything. I’m probably doing too much heavy reading. The books you’re reading are all good ones. I really want to read Gone Girl and the Bohjalian title.

    Enjoy your days off Sheila!

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