Morning Meanderings…. Remember Reading?

Good morning!  Wow!  Look at me, posting consistently four in a row…..LOL.  Working on getting my mojo back or something like that. 😀

I am sitting here this morning and I was looking at my side bar longingly at Yes! Chef.   I seriously thought I would have that book read and reviewed weeks ago.  I love it, I really do but when was the last time I picked it up?  Ummmm…. over last weekend while I was at the cabin.  How many pages did I read then?  Oh, about 3.  😯

But – that is what life has been like as of late – the cabin weekend was full of activity and we were on the road early, and back late…. exhausted but chatty… we could talk, but I could not read.  And then the Color Run with College Son, and Brad (Navy Son) home for two weeks which meant family dinners, and friends, and company…. 😯

Left: Justin, Brad, me, and Al)

and then Monday we adopted Mater, who is adorable…. don’t get me wrong…. but a handful like I did not imagine.  I have never owned a part beagle/ part basset hound before and he is high energy.  And he is barky (my word).  When he plays, he barks, and in the night-time I put him in a kennel in our entry way as that is what he is used to…. he barks.  AND his teeth are sharp so playing with him is not like playing with Sam or Bailey.  So…. anyhoo, I have work to do with the rescue puppy.

Mater and Sam watching Mater.

AND we are serving with IHN this week (the homeless) so I am juggling volunteers and “opportunities” that tend to arise… AND this coming Sunday is our annual church picnic which falls quite a bit on me. 

So by now, you may be seeing why I have not had time to pick up a book, or chat away with all of you on-line (which I LOVE to do!)

I do see a light (I think) at the end of the tunnel.  I took Monday and Tuesday off next week to recoup.  That should give me time to rest up, play with the dog and oh…. READ.  Books…. how I miss you!  😀

Whats happening in your July?  Plenty of reading being done or is summer a distraction for you as well?  😀

33 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Remember Reading?

  1. Sheila,

    I am exhausted just reading all the things you do! Good luck with your new rescue pup. I’m sure he will follow the lead of your other dogs and turn out just fine. I’m picking up a new puppy this weekend, a Golden Retriever, and wondering myself how much reading time I will have for a while. lol

    1. Yes, go back a few posts….. hmm…. last week maybe – but you know what – I may not have posted the story as I just found out about him on Thursday and I left town that day. I will update, maybe for the Saturday snapshot 😀

  2. Oh, Mater is a cutie! My Bo is part Beagle/part black and tan coonhound, and he’s the best. I’m with you, not much reading being done with the crazy schedules (or lack thereof) of summer – baseball, pool, tubing down the Delaware (I had to throw that in, you know how proud I am of that one!). I will say that the ONLY way my house got cleaned the other day was to buckle on my iPod and listen to an audiobook. It’s so nice when everyone has clean clothes. 🙂

    You have such a gorgeous family, you must be SO proud of your boys!!

    1. I am proud of your tubing too! I have not done that in so long and it is soooo fun! 😀 I too plan to do a bit of cleaning this weekend. I am proud of the boys Alison… they are both pretty awesome.

  3. Oh yes, you have your hands full with the combo! But I love beagles and he is so cute how can you be too mad at him when he barks 😀
    I’ve not read one single page since Sunday…life has been busy crazy here too and it doesn’t look as if it will let up. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

    LOVE the family photo!

  4. Thankfully my life is very quiet now because I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t read quite a bit every day. I do envy you the dogs though. I love dogs but Dave is a cat person, so we don’t have pets.

  5. Adorable puppy! He will keep you busy, I mean, entertained. 🙂

    I’m suffering summer distraction too… although I’m nowhere as busy as you are.

      1. I would love to get a rescue dog but so far my husband and I have different opinions on the type of dog that should be in our home. I tend more towards dogs like Sam while he likes the 150 pound type that take the owner for a walk!

  6. I have to admit that July is not the great reading month that I had planned either. After my son got married it was going to be time for me! My grandma’s health started declining right after his wedding and she passed away yesterday morning. So now I need to start getting things ready for her funeral next week. My daughter and I will be in the Minneapolis area on Saturday and Sunday for a bridal shower so that will be keeping us busy too!

  7. I had planned on being unplugged this month but something keeps coming up and here I am 😉 My reading is just so-so but I’m getting some visits is

    Love the new puppy, I have a chatty cat. Even when she’s curled up next to me while I read, she wants to talk.

    Love the family picture!

    1. I felt a little unplugged this month just because I have been so busy…. maybe next year I should just plan to take July off other than the occasional blog reading and commenting…. not a bad idea 😀

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