Morning Meanderings… BEA 2013 Date Change and CORONATION Day!

Good morning everyone!!!  Day 14 today of my cleanse and I am feeling good – definitely notice a difference.  I am waking up earlier and I don’t think I am as tired.  I added chicken and fish in to my diet on day 10, and even that was no big deal.  Coffee…. I miss a little bit but I am going off the cleanse Thursday evening when my friend Heidi and I are going to our cabin for a couple of days for the Beaver Bay Days celebration in Beaver Bay and Silver Bay Minnesota.  (It’s tradition – and the have a book sale!)

I was just on Twitter this morning and seen a conversation going that said the Book Expo for 2013 dates had changed.  I for one, am thrilled – that means that I do not come right back from New York and go right into the MS 150 bike ride.  I will actually have a week in between which is sweet!  It does however wind up smack in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend, but if I remember right, before this year it did too.

In other awesome fun news…. it is the Bookies Queen Event tonight.  SSSQQQQQUUUEEEEEE!!!!  This is our yearly book club event where we dress up in formal wear and give speeches and songs or whatever to put our bid in for Queen of The Bookies. 

Why?  A silly little thing we picked up 6 years ago from a book we read called Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King.  It was supposed to be a one year thing but it became a tradition and we really get into it, finding dresses at sales or second-hand stores.  I am hoping the dress I found is ready today, I found it at a second-hand store and it had a faulty zipper but I have it in the shop now so we will see.  😀  If that one does not make deadline, I have a back up.  (A lady in waiting is always prepared!)  Pics will be available tomorrow, in the meantime here are the links to the past couple of years:

2011 Queen Event

2010 Queen Event

2009 Queen Event

Ok so much to do 🙂  I am sure I will have pictures up tomorrow…. 😀  Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… BEA 2013 Date Change and CORONATION Day!

  1. BEA used to be right before Memorial Day – next year it will be right after it. Either way, I’m excited about the change too! The weekend is better for me.

  2. We have a party every Memorial Day but it looks like I could fly out the day after the party and still be okay. Going is still a longshot but not impossible.

    being queen of a bookclub would be fantastic but what I really want (and have tried to find/start) is a f2f bookclub!

  3. I can’t wait to see your pics of your Bookies Queen Event! I enjoy them every year and can’t wait to see who the new Queen is!!

  4. I’m seriously thinking about doing that cleanse!! Can’t wait for your photos from the Coronation!

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