Morning Meanderings… A Dogs Life



Good morning!  It is Saturday!  😀  Tomorrow I have a 50 mile bike ride in St Joseph MN, a beautiful area to ride bike in and going with my friend Amy so this will be a wonderful time.  The weather should be descent, looks like it could hit 90 tomorrow but partly cloudy so that should help.  Last year we biked this ride and it was over 100 degrees and not a cloud in the sky…. it was a HOT ride….LOL

For my Saturday snapshot today I thought I would post a few pics of Sam, the stray dog we adopted in April.  He is soooo fabulous and quirky…

Bailey and Sam laying together on the deck

Sam, after climbing to the top of the chair, now retreats
Sam, after climbing to the top of the chair, now retreats




I am ready for my close up….


I have posted this one before, but it is soooo funny.

It has been a long hard day…


SO that is Sam.  Stop by and see Alyce at At Home With Books for Saturday Snapshot and see what everyone else has been taking pictures of!  😀 I am off to have my bike checked out for tomorrows ride and then a bike ride to get warmed up for tomorrow.  I will be back later as I am behind on a couple posts I need to write up (the survey one and the April, May, June, recap) as well as three reviews.  These are my goals for today…. oh, and a little reading too 😀

50 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Dogs Life

    1. He’s pretty spoiled Kathy, I find bones all over the house… I have never had a dog hide a bone before but my friend told me that if a dog has been short on food in the past they tend to hoard food, in case they dont have it again. That breaks my heart. I find bones, in the blankets, under pillows, behind the laundry basket…LOL

  1. There are so adorable!!!! I’m scared to leave my boxer puppy at home alone. She eats everything, and I do mean Everything. But I love her, We have 2 rescue dogs, a chihuahua and our boxer, we are glad we got them. Have a great weekend…

  2. Sam is just too cute. He must have a great personality to fit in so quickly. I can’t believe someone would abandon a dog like that.

    Fifty miles on a bike with pedals? It would need a motor for me! lol

    1. I know Leslie, it breaks my heart to think someone did. We left out name and number at the local humane society, at the groomers and the local vets in case someone was looking for him… nothing ever turned up. When we got him he was scruffy and dirty – and so thin! Looked nothing like he does now

  3. Sam and Bailey are so cute! Looks like Sam has found the perfect home with you and your family.

  4. Both pups are cute. I think Sam is totally exhausted. He’s had it. Nothing but snooze for him. Hope you enjoy good weather for the biking.

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