Morning Meanderings… Where I Share New Found Knowledge on Pineapple

Good morning!  I am on day 7 of the cleanse that I am on so it is really weird to put my coffee picture on these posts when I have not had coffee for seven days now.  SEVEN.  😯

A couple weeks ago I went to a friends Pampered Chef party.  I had not been to one in quite a long time.  Usually if people have them I just place an order without attending.  I am so glad I didn’t do that this time.  The Pampered Chef lady was a hoot… but just as importantly she actually taught me a few things I didn’t know. 

Lets talk pineapple.


I am not a big fan of buying whole pineapple.  My experience has been that the pineapple is dry, woody tasting even.  Here is what I learned:

To see if a pineapple is ripe before purchasing, reach in and pull two of the small center leaves.  If they pull out easy the pineapple is ripe.

One day before serving, put pineapple upside down in a bowl.  This distributes all the sweet juices that have settled to the bottom, to distribute evenly throughout the pineapple.  I have tried it twice now, it works… and it is delicious.

So all that said, what did I buy at the party?

The Pampered Chef Pineapple Cutter and corer of course!

and the brownie pan (watch for this to go into use for next weeks Bookies Book Club Queen Event!)

No idea why I wanted to share that, maybe you already knew but it was news to me and thought I would share 😀

I also have my last winner to announce form the Audio Book Week.  The winner of a copy of Ravens on Audio is:

Laurie from The Bay State Reading Advisory

Whoo Hoo!!!  Send me your address please Laurie and I will have that sent off to you directly from Amazon.

Today I work and then hopefully a bike ride 😀

37 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Where I Share New Found Knowledge on Pineapple

  1. I knew about pulling at the inner leaves, but I had not heard the upside-down tip before. I will certainly be trying that next time I serve pineapple!

    1. We had it at the party that night and I thought it was the best pineapple I had ever had. I did it at home this week and also delicious. I am not a big pineapple fan, but it was a different idea to go along with dinner and I think I will be doing that more often now 🙂

  2. I’ll try to remember the pineapple hints – thanks, Sheila!
    Also, I’m impressed that you’ve gone a week without coffee. Are you giving it up forever?

    1. Hi Mary 🙂 I am not giving it up forever, I do enjoy it – however I am not as strongly running towards it as I was in the beginning of this cleanse. Now I think I will enjoy it more on an occasional basis… at least for summer, winter when I am cold is a different story 😉

  3. I always forget to turn the pineapple upside down. Let me know what you think of the pineapple cutter tool. I’ve eyed those up but have never bought — even though I buy a lot of pineapples (Mr. BFR loves pineapple).

    1. I used it last night Beth and it wasnt as easy as she made it look when she cut through it…. I actually had to put my cutting board on the kitchen table to get it lower than my countertop to get the strength to lean into it and cut it through. Using the lid as you are supposed to in the end to cut through that last little bit and pop out the center did not work for me and I had to use a knife to finish. But – in the cutters defense, it was my first time using one. 🙂

      I dont know if my pineapple was bigger than the one she used at the party but I had quite a bit of pineapple that “didnt make the cut” and was still on the out pieces, which I cut off and ate. The part that was cut though was beautiful, round rings and really juicy and already cored!!! YAY!

  4. I knew about putting the pineapple upside down, but not about pulling out the center leaves…thanks for the tip! Seven days without coffee…that thought just scares me! Good for you!

  5. Thanks for the pineapple tips.That gadget looks nifty. I’ll have to try turning my pineapple on its head next time. II heard on Dr. Oz that the core is the best part and should be eaten because of the nutrients. LIke a silly sheep, I tried it in a smoothie and it was so bitter and horrible that I ended up dumping the $10 of fruit down the disposal!

  6. We love fresh pineapple, but I didn’t know about either of those tips, so thanks!!
    I have one of those corers, but have never used it!

  7. cleanse? Tell me about this! I’m all about this kind of stuff 🙂

    Pineapple… I love it! I just cut one up yesterday into cubes and froze it. I put a cube in my water glass and pineapple water. try it!

    Have a wonderful 4th!

  8. That upside down thing is not necessary. We’ve been going through pineapple like gangbusters here. The pulling a leaf thing is something the tv chefs have been preaching for a while. Ours just sit on the counter until we are ready to cut, and there’s always tons of juice. The big reason we eat a lot more lately is my mom found these corers that work ever so much better. This style is all over, so if you want a better one (or one so you can grill pineapple) keep an eye out for this type.

    I like the concept of the brownie pan, but are they as small as they look? The small brownies I cut are bigger than that 😀 The corner ones are always the best.

    1. I felt the upside down thing made it taste better….juicer. Of course, I have not had fresh pineapple in awhile… probably years. 😀

      I think the pan is smaller squares but I think they will look cool for individual banana breads, corn bread…. I cant wait to use it!

      1. Ours are always juicy. Might be the stores near you are better with their stock since the last time you had them, or maybe they weren’t ripe yet? Our oranges always get juicier the older and riper they get.

        That’s probably a better portion control size, as long as you can stick with one.

  9. Upside down pineapple is a new one for me. I didn’t even know there was a special tool to cut it, but I should have guessed there was.

  10. Thanks for sharing the pineapple tips. My son has been a produce manager for a year now and tells me all sorts of tips. I have to get those two Pampered Chef items! It has been awhile since I’ve been to a demonstration.

  11. Good luck with your cleanse. I cannot imagine going without coffee for 7 days and I only drink one small cup on the morning! You are a rockstar for doing it!

  12. Funny story, once upon a time, my co-worker’s unemployed stepdad started selling Pampered Chef and she brought in a book for us all to browse. Now, I am a lazy daisy who takes no joy in really any sort of food preparation that doesn’t involve simply putting something in a toaster or microwave, so this is always a challenge for me because I feel like *should* buy something, but I don’t really *want* anything. I do, however, quite like fresh pineapple, except for the cutting up of it part, so I bought one of those pineapple cutter doohickeys and have since not had a single pineapple, because A) I am lazy and B) I don’t actually know how to pick out a good pineapple. With this post, half of my problem is solved (thanks!). If I can fix part A now, maybe I’ll finally get to put that pineapple cutter thingy to good use! 😉

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