Morning Meanderings… LISTEN TO ME!

Good morning!  Today is the final day of Audio Book Week.  SO why am I yelling in my post title this morning?  Because I have not had coffee in 4 days now.  😛

It’s true.

Seriously, I am not yelling, I am just speaking loudly and clearly this morning as this topic is an important one.  If you have been around here at all this week you have seen audio posts, audio reviews, and audio giveaways.  If you missed any of the giveaways, check out the sticky post – I have them all listed there and they all end tonight so get in on that deal! 

AND you may have seen many audio postings around the blogesphere this week – people chatting and gushing audio books.  So now that you have seen all this wonderful information about favorite audio books, what to look for in an audio review, best narrators…. really what else is there to know?

Todays topic covers the how to find great audio choices.  We first and foremost, I pick up a lot of audio recommendations from other audio book bloggers.  If a book blogger I trust is gushing up an audio book that sounds good to me… there is a good chance I want to listen to it. 

“But, Sheila (*raising hand and waving it*) I don’t have a clue how to find book bloggers who are reviewing audio books!”

No worries!  I am one of them, Jen at Devourer of Books is another, but rather than me list out off the top of my head who I know reviews great audio books, here is a great source:

Audio Jukebox is a place where any book blogger who writes audio book reviews may add their review to the list.  This is a one stop shop where you can check out what reviewers are saying about an audio you may be interested in.

Then, my favorite place for great priced audio books:

1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible

What can I say about my love for Audible?  First off, if you are a new user, your first audio book is free!  You can choose from 10,000 audio books titles to try!  The audio you choose downloads to wherever you want it to, I have mine go to I tunes where I then plug in my IPOD and it automatically loads on to there.  I love this!  I use my IPOD filled with audible books for when I am mowing the lawn, getting ready in the morning, working out… it is fantastic.

Uh huh… and after that first one what does it cost?

$7.49 a month for one audio of choice per month, $14.99 if you want two audio books a month.  And you are under no contract.  Stop any time.  I highly recommend, it click the link above and nose around – each audio book has a little sample so you can hear it before you decide you want it.

If you are looking for CD audio’s not a download that are priced well, try, I recently picked up about 14 audio books there averaging 3.99 a piece and they were newer titles!  Also, you local library is a wonderful source to get you started.

That’s what I have this morning – I am running late to meet a friend for garage sales today.  I will be back later to see what everyone else is chatting about and yes – one more audio book giveaway later today and it is a GOOD one! 

What are you listening to today?

33 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… LISTEN TO ME!

  1. I’ve still not joined Audible because I have so many audiobooks I haven’t gotten to and a good library, but maybe I need to join at one audio/month just so I can get anything I want.

    • I do love that Jen, it is like my little treat each month! And I have a list of audio books I want! I was at the one a month until earlier this year when I took the leap to two.

  2. Wow, no coffee in four days?! I don’t know whether to congratulate you or offer my condolences.

    I’m with you regarding Audible. I lurk in their new release section on a regular basis.

  3. You are definitely enthused about audio! For me, it’s something I might try someday, but so far, I’m still hanging in with the “visual” audience…lol

  4. I have really appreciated and enjoyed your posts this week! I haven’t tried an audio book (yet), but didn’t know where to start or what to look for. Your posts have been really informational and helpful! Thanks!

    … this reminds me… I need to make some coffee! (wow… 4 days… )

    • I would suggest checking your library for one of your favorite titles. I love audiobook for rereads, so that would be a good way to try. And that way you know you like the book, so its more about trying the audio experience. That’s how I started.

      • Long overdue reply… I did end up listening to a few audiobooks on a recent long, solitary drive. So glad I did! I started with “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer (a book I had already read), and then Mary Roach’s “Bonk,” and “Tuck Everlasting” and “I Am A Pole (And So Can You!)” I am working on catching up on the reviews on my blog (just a little behind at the moment). Glad I have a new alternative to my tired old iPod playlists! Thanks 🙂

  5. You’re rockin’ the no coffee thing!!

    I’m listening to The Bucolic Plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Canada by Richard Ford.

  6. I’ve learned so much about audio books this week, Sheila, thanks to you and Jen of Devourer of books. I will be reviewing more audio books from now on!

  7. I am easily becoming addicted to Audible. I have to have restraint when the sales roll around so my TBL list doesn’t grow like my TBR

  8. Congrats on your four days without coffee! I’ve been cutting back, but love the taste & ritual so much that I don’t want to give it up entirely (even for a while).

    I must admit that I’m spoiled by the great inter-library loan system here as well as the books available via the library for download online. I’ve been so satisfied with the audiobooks I’ve found there that I haven’t had the incentive to sign up for audible yet.

    • I want to see if this whole cleanse thing is all that it is cracked up to be so trying to follow the rules 😀 I will go back to coffee afterwards… it is who I am….LOL

  9. Once upon a time I submitted to Audio Jukebox but I’ve since forgotten about them! Need to revisit. I also use audible and love it. Just sent out an email to my work book club a few days ago telling them about it (after learning many were buying expensive discs from Half Price Books). Great tips!

  10. I am thankful my library keeps getting more digital audio books, whenever I am ready for a new one I search through and always seem to find something to read. When it started this spring they only had 90 which didn’t seem like much, but they are up to 250 now and I should be able to read for free for quite some time! I recommend checking to see if readers libraries offer the option.

    • I havent tried the digital books at the library yet Jill… I dont even know how that works…. do you download it? I know they have them… just have not got there yet 😀

  11. I will have to check out that website. I am a member of Audible but they charge me $14.99 a month for just 1 credit. They must have really hiked up their prices between when you joined and when I joined. Bad Audible 😦

    • $7.49 only lasts for the first 3 months of signing up, and it depends on what offer you used when you joined. Some places have an offer for a free audiobook at signing up, but they go straight into the $14.99 a month for 1.

    • Nope you are right Christina, I did not explain that well… it is the first one free, then 3 months for $7.99 then it goes to 14.99 monthly. Many of the audio books I am looking at are between 20 – 40 each so this is a great deal for me…. I would never be able to listen to all these beauties without it. 😀

  12. For a while I resisted Audible. I got all of my audiobooks from the libraries where I live.

    A while back, I was talking to one of the marketing people at Audible, and he joked to me that people either think they produce all audiobooks on the site, or none. The fact is, Audible is the biggest producer of science fiction, fantasy and particularly Zombie titles out there with their Audible Frontiers imprint, and since they are all digital you can’t get them at libraries. So, I gave in and started to feed the dragon. Now, Audible usually accounts for about a quarter of my audiobook listening.

    • Bob, Audible takes a nice chuck of my audio as well. I love the info you gave me here about Audible, I had no idea they did all that!

  13. Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading
    through your blog posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over
    the same subjects? Thank you so much!

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