Morning Meanderings… 2 Days Coffee Free and a WINNER!!!

Good Morning!  It feels like forever since I have just chatted it up with you!  I guess in reality, it has been since Sunday.  It has been a busy week here with it being Audio Book Week and I have been playing audio advocate and using a bullhorn to shout the benefits of audio to the world…

There are two days left of audio week and I am still on board, just wanted to do a life check in. 

I am on day three of a Cleanse.  Mmmmm hmmmmm…..   here is what happened…  a friend of mine who had a baby in January started this 21 day cleanse the Monday I was in New York.  The week I returned she was on vacation and so by the time I seen her next and we worked together was after she had been on the cleanse for 16 days.  And wow.  She had super thinned down and anyway – I was impressed. 

The cleanse itself once you maneuver it isn’t that difficult – it is just a new mind-set.  You can eat all the vegies you want and half the amount of fruit as you eat vegies.  You can have two protein shakes a day, and one egg.  You can use Virgin Olive oil to cook, steam, whatever.  You can have 1/2 cup of brown rice a day or 1 cup of lentils.  Rice noodles are also (1/2 cup) ok to have.  Your only beverage is water.

After the first 10 days, on day 11 you can add in a serving of fish or chicken each day through the rest of the cleanse that ends on day 21.

You picked up on the fact I am not drinking coffee?  😯

SO… day 1 went ok but at the end of the night I ate a Skinny Cow ice cream cone.  I am not a pro at this……  (the cleanse that is, the ice cream I can hold my own on)  😀  Day 2, yesterday went better, for dinner I cooked the rice, and then put it in a little olive oil with my one egg and mushrooms, onion.  Seasoned that baby up with Cajun spices and a side of asparagus cooked it a little olive oil, a little lemon and sea salt and it was delicious and filling.

Surprisingly, the coffee, or lack there of, has not bothers me too much other than I am a bit foggy much to the delight of my co workers.  I have had to ask questions on how to do things I know how to do.  Here all this time I thought I was smart and it was the coffee talking!  😛 

But this morning… this morning was the kicker and that is what led up to this post.  I got up at 5 am with hubby because I was AWAKE.  Made the bed brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on night cream….


I put night cream back on my face after washing it off.  I looked in the mirror and told myself, seriously?

So that is what is happening around here.  Oh yes, and the Literary Blog Hop ended yesterday and the winner of the Literary book of choice from Amazon or the Book Depository Using is:

#12:  Mystica

Woo hoo!!!!  Congrats Mystica!  Email me at journeythroughbooks@ to tell me which book you would like of $20 dollars or less – I am guessing this will come from the Book Depository but you can let me know when you email your address and which of the companies ship to you.  😀

And finally, today’s discussion is, What Makes A Good Narrator?

I think a good narrator surrounds you with the story.  You should be able to get lost in the words and not notice things like throat clearing, swallowing, chair moving…. that may sound funny but I have heard all of these things, but before you run away screaming “Audio is scary,” you dont hear this in a well narrated audio book and my hearing it is rare. 

If the book is narrated well you move as smoothly through the story as though you were reading it yourself, and in some cases – even better than you reading it yourself.  The characters, the accents, the voices, should come off natural not forced.  As you are reading through all the fantastic posts this week on audio take note of the narrators people are listing as the ones to watch for.

For more audio book related topics, posts, and giveaways, stop by and check our Devourer Of Books Audiobook Week 2012.

And that’s a wrap for me this morning.  I am going to make breakfast and put a new sticky post up this morning and if time start writing my audio review for this afternoon as well.

Have a super day!  😀

41 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… 2 Days Coffee Free and a WINNER!!!

  1. I used to be the same way about caffeine but now that I’m off of it, I function fine without it. Good luck on your cleanse!!

  2. I wouldn’t have known from your post that it was written from a caffeine-free state if you hadn’t said anything, so your fog must be lifting!

    • LOL – It actually hasnt been that bad. I mainly miss coffee in the mornings. I am going back on it – just wanted to see if I could go without for 21 days 😀

  3. I think the accents and voices are especially important when it comes to narration. I am really picky about that and some narrators I just don’t like because of their voices (like Katherine Kellgren even though she is so popular and has won awards). I think Jim Dale should just narrative every audio book out there 🙂

    • True – Jim Dale does a great Hatty Potter and Night Circus! I think Mark Bramhall is pretty impressive though and I have yet to hear Simon Vance read – I know, I know…

  4. Ooh, cannot imagine caffeine-free days. I am bleary today from staying up late to play on my laptop, which I finally got. And discovering that nothing works the same; the screen is so much smaller, along with the fonts; and I have to keep the flashdrive in to open my docs.

    Hmmm….I need more coffee to figure this all out.

    • Laurel – to make your screen bigger hold down the ctrl button and the click on the + sign, if you go too big – click on the – sign. That’s weird about the flash drive, never heard of that before.
      AND LOL about needing more coffee! I actually feel pretty good without it now… I miss it, yes… but it is day three and so far I am hanging in there.

  5. I love narrators that can create unique voices for each character – they really make it easy to differentiate who’s speaking.

  6. Only one egg? I’d rather swap the protein shakes for an egg each. Doctor Oz was just saying how having a protein breakfast was a good way to fight fatigue, so this seems to be a good way of it. The coffee gets easier after a while. I cut back on my coffee drinking because I get dehydrated easily

    • I’m a big believer in protein for breakfast as well…huge difference in energy and hunger. If I have an egg white, turkey bacon on a whole wheat English muffin, I’m good to go through lunchtime.

    • I just bought the protein shake stuff today – never had that before so we will see…. its chocolate flavored so that’s exciting…LOL

  7. Keep up with your cleanse, it’s worth it! I just posted by first audio review. Narration does make a difference. It can sweep you into the story and transport you to a different place.

  8. No coffee? I couldn’t do it. I’ve been eating clean for the past month with my only vices being coffee, dark chocolate and red wine (the last two are allowed but I’m sure I overdo it). It’s been surprisingly easy and I’ve *finally* lost those sticky 10 lbs of baby weight I’ve been struggling with for fourteen years. I guess it can’t be called baby weight at this point, more like ice cream weight! Best of luck with your cleanse.

    I can’t do monotonousness narrators who “read” the story in a dry voice. It just puts me to sleep and I zone out. I like narrators who have the ability to bring the story to life and add something special to it. CJ Critt and Jim Dale and Phil Gigante who narrates the Hap And Leonard series are narrators who give the story oomph and suck me in.

  9. A cleanse plus a little ice cream? Yeah, that sounds like my kind of cleanse. Good luck with it! I bet our skin looks great…not just because of the extra night cream, but anything you do with your body on the inside shows n the outside! Good for you!!

  10. My hubby has been checking into different cleanses. There are so many out there it’s hard to decide which one to do. The one you’re on sounds good. I like that you can eat lots of veggies and 1/2 that in fruit. I can handle the no coffee, I used to drink it everyday, but then didn’t for years and now I just drink it sporadically.

    I like male narrators that can pull of a female voice, and vice versa. If they can’t, I can’t stand to listen to them.

    • Its been interesting Vicki – nothing canned all fresh… I sliced up a beet today and cooked it for lunch…. I dont think I have ever done that, sadly I always but them in the can.

  11. have never been a coffee bean addict, so good for you to be free of it.. and love the freshness of this cleanse..

    agreeing with the narrator comments – my usual disappointment w/ an audio..

    also, quick query on the winner of the survey you took earlier and ending on 6/22?
    can’t find a posted winner ); unless i’m missing it somewhere… THanks!

    • I am actually enjoying the cleanse – brown rice is my friend 😀 And yes, that is true about the survey – I want to write a post about it and post the winner then but the survey is taking me longer to compile than I anticipated – with so many participating in it,I am having a lot of work to prep it. Winner… yet to come 😀

  12. Having a cleanse every now and then is a very good idea. It makes you feel better, especially if you eat a lot of meat, and it’s just so healthy. I’ve been eating a lot of salads and switching pasta for couscous recently. It doesn’t do a great amount for energy, but adding bananas and a bit of cheese balances it out. And you realise just how lethargic you felt before unless doing a lot of exercise. An ice cream on day one is completely forgiveable! It’s better to go slow at first so you get used to it.

    I don’t listen to audio books much, but when I do the narrator needs emotion and charisma in their voice.

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