Morning Meanderings… Hopping Saturday


Good Morning!  I feel like I woke up fuzzy… and that’s not a good way to start the day.  ANOTHER gloomy day here in central Minnesota, yesterday was gorgeous and I read a little outside and went on a bike ride, but today calls for rain… again. 

ON happier notes, I am participating in Judith from Leeswammes’ Literary Blog Hop from today through the 23rd.  I am giving away a book of choice valued up to $20, so please check it out!  😀

On Monday I will be participating in Jen from Devourer of Books Audio Book Week and I am super excited for that too… I have many audio reviews and giveaways so make a note… it is going to be a good week 😀

Ok and finally – because of the grog fog… (I need coffee…), I will end this morning with my typical Saturday Snapshot hosted by Alyce from At Home With Books. 



Every year when I go to Honduras, in front of this one store I see these two gentleman playing their music.  I am pretty sure the man on the left is the same every year. 

They really are something to watch.

I have a little snippet of video so you can hear them too:

That’s my morning post.  I am continuing to read Wife 22 today and will be starting Prophesy Of The Sisters on audio as well.

30 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Hopping Saturday

  1. Love the video!
    Looking forward to your review of Wife 22 (it’s on my list to read – someday). Have a good Saturday!

  2. The music is wonderful! I thought I was in the Caribbean. Now if there was a little cafe across the street, I’d sit there and have my coffee and listen all morning.

    I’m looking forward to audiobook week too and have some reviews and a giveaway planned. Now, if only we could get more readers excited about audio!

    1. There is a care in the area… hmmm, what is it called… oh, Espresso Americano. But not where you can see him from there.
      I have been trying to think of how to get people to try audio as well Leslie, they will not be sorry. 😀

      1. I guess audio is an acquired taste. My giveaways this month are all audio. For one I even offered a choice of 8 books and still my number of entries were down by over half.

          1. Excellent idea. I think part of the problem is people picking wrong books to start out, like too many characters or jumps in time, then they lose the plot, and give up on the entire audio experience. I speak from experience. I abandoned it for a few years before coming back.

            1. I agree, if you start out with poor audio, you are not going to continue it. I am a true believer in choosing audio carefully, and usually it is from other peoples recommendations or looking at the ratings. I have emailed you an idea 🙂

  3. Wow, that was louder than I was expecting, but they do look like they know what they’re doing there. 🙂 Evidently I need some coffee this morning too. I wonder how long that old man has been playing and if it’s a life-long passion.

    1. SO far it has worked out that way Louise, since 2004. Crazy huh? This year is probably the first year that I am not sure if I will be going. There is, a team lines up for October I just have not committed yet. Life is so busy.

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