These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen

Welcome to New York.  It’s busy and fast paced and feels as though you are surrounded by a constant buzz of electricity that feels the air. 

For Cate, New York has brought her the sought after title of feature editor for the magazine Gloss.  It is everything that Cate had hoped for in a career, and everything she has dreaded as well.

Renee, is in the running for the coveted position of Beauty editor of Gloss.  She suffers from low self-esteem to her constant battle with her weight and her two components for the position seem to have it far more together than she does.  However, the diet pills she has started taking seem to be giving her energy and curbing her appetite and she is learning that if she takes more pills, she has more energy…. and maybe the weight will drop faster.

Abby, had her life together.  She was happy and in a dream job where she was able to go to school in the evenings and by day live with a young family and take care of their darling little girl.  But the man of the house, Bob, is pretty good-looking, and oh so kind, and the wife just works all the time late into the evenings…. leaving Abby alone with Bob…

As these three women connect and eventually become roommates, the secrets that can busy us… perhaps friendship can save us?

Sarah Pekkanen and I in 2011, BEA week, New York

Why did I want to read this book?  Helloooooo… it’s Sarah Pekkanen!  I loved Sarah’s book The Opposite of Me which I read in 2010, and then I loved Skipping A Beat her book of 2011.  You can bet I was super excited to read this one!

Women friendships.  Why do they have to be so complicated?  Cate has the job that she loves and is getting her feet wet into this new career with a flourish.  Yet her friend and roommate Renee struggles through life with weight issues that seem to shadow over everything she does.  If a date does not go well, it is due to her weight, if she doesn’t get the position she wants.. no doubt it is contributed to her weight… and the mean comments that show up on her beauty tips blog just seal the deal that she has to do something about her weight.  They Abby enters the picture and by the time Cate and Renee meet her she is a fragile broken girl with a story that they know nothing about.  Abby’s career as a nanny is now over – and as the pages turn we get a glimpse into what was true then….

Now every author can pull off the multiple protagonists, Sarah Pekkanen does it with a flourish.  Not once did I get confused over whose story line was taking the wheel for a part of the book.  And each of these women – Cate, Renee, and Abby felt like real women to me.  What each woman was going through was so different from the others, yet I could relate to each.  Cate had a drive which I loved, but she also had to balance that out with friendships, and family issues.  Renee’s battle to look good believing it would lead her to feeling good… is a topic I think many of us struggle with, and Abby just fell into the wrong situation which never felt pre meditated… it just… happened.

Reading a Sarah Pekkanen book is like spending time with friends.  I enjoyed spending times within its pages.

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16 thoughts on “These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen

  1. Sounds good. I’ve been wanting to read Skipping A Beat for ages, not yet got round to it, and already there are new books out! I’m intrigued as to how this one’s plot works out though, as it sounds so different to the synopsis of SAB.

  2. I saw a synopsis for a Pekkanen novel a few weeks ago and put it on reserve at the library but I don’t remember which one it is. Glad to know she’s a consistently good author

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