Morning Meanderings… Where To Begin…

Good morning!  😀  I can not even begin to tell you how good it felt to sleep in my own bed last night…. and now sit in my recliner looking out on a beautiful day and knowing I will soon be basking in the sun with a book enjoying a (for the most part) quiet day.

Quiet because no one knows I am in town.  Well, a few friends do, but I was supposed to come back from New York and go right into the MS 150 bike ride that I would have shuttled to yesterday afternoon after I got off the plane.  The night before I left New York I cancelled out of the ride.  I really wanted to do it but several things were at play:

1.  I was exhausted from all the events and constant “go go go” of New York

2.  I really was missing seeing Hubby, and our new pup, Sam.

3.  A little peopled out.  I had been with large amounts of people since last Sunday and I am a person who needs to unplug from the activity and step back at least once a week.  Doing the ride today and tomorrow would have put me with about 2,500 people. 

4.  I wasn’t looking forward to two more nights in a hotel.

SO here I am.  Home.  Today I am going to mow the lawn and listen to audio.  I have some wonderful choices thanks to a dinner we had the last night in New York with John from Brilliance audio (going with The Magicians, John!) .  I cant wait to dig in and I just finished one last night on my IPOD so I am ready.  😀  I am also going to write a few reviews throughout the day.  I wrote up a list yesterday and I am about 5 behind, soon to be more as this afternoon I am sitting on my deck with book.  That is the plan.  And later we have invited friends over to grill tonight and hang out and chat.  She is in my book club so it will be fun to talk BEA, and they are close friends so this will be quite laid back and I am soooooo looking forward to it. 

For this mornings Saturday Snapshot brought to you by the wonderful Alyce from At Home With Books, I thought I would give you a few random shots of New York and the Expo.  I started my recap post yesterday afternoon with BEA Recap 1, and hope to put up recap 2 later today.  I am writing a blow-by-blow of my daily experience to give you the BEA feel.  To pick up the full story on the pictures, please read my recap posts.  😀

We were in a thai restaurant (Yum Yum Two – so good!) and it started to pour. It was actually pretty to watch. As soon as the rain came, it went, and by the time we were done eating it was a beautiful day to walk.
The Javitz Center…. where all the magic happens 🙂
Oh Snap! Me and James Dashner! (More about this in the recap part 2)
Can someone identify this building for me? I was walking with Alison from Alison’s Book Marks and she said it was one of the most gorgeous buildings in New York.
Times Square!
Day 1 Registration area for BEA… about 8 am.

More to come in the next couple of days here.  🙂  Also a completely random note but today is my 3 year blogiversary – in the past two years we have had a big party here with giveaways (books, swag, gift cards) and fun stuff and I do not want to miss that so please accept my invitation to my 3 year Blogiversary Party which will take place on Friday June 15th.  😀

72 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Where To Begin…

  1. Are you sure that last pic isn’t of the airport? (ha ha) And Happy Blogiversary! Gosh, 3 years, are you sure?!!! It seems like just yesterday you hit the blogging world like a storm! LOL (a good storm!)

  2. Happy 3 year blogiversary! Sounds like you made a good decision opting out of the bike ride. After such a whirlwind week, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. (Not like I would have been able to do it ANYWAY, but you get the idea.) Plus, how on earth are your feet holding up after BEA in order to do a 150 mile bike ride?!!? 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I really wanted to do that ride but suddenly I was really ready to come home and chill over the weekend… I had a crazy busy week prior to leaving for New York as well and I think that took its toll… Body said STOP IT! 😛

  3. Sheila, I wish I could have gotten a chance to talk to you this week. At one pt at the party for The Chaperone, you were within arm’s reach from me but in deep conversation with someone. I thought oh I won’t be rude and interrupt b/c I’ll see Sheila at the next party or at BEA. Then I didn’t run into you again…:( Everything is so hectic during BEA week.

    1. Isn’t that crazy! You should have just nabbed me…LOL 😀 You think you will connect with someone at a later time during the week and you just dont… some times I dont even see people who are at the same events I am at 😛

  4. Can’t wait to hear what you think of The Magicians! Your unidentified building might be St. Patrick’s…not sure, your angle is different than my photos. I came home with photos of buildings I couldn’t remember the significance of from New York too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Esme! I am what I refer to as an introverted extrovert. 😛 I like people and enjoy the outings but when I am done – I am done and need to literally “unplug” myself from the world. I am not as bad as I used to be, at least I want company tonight 😀

  5. There is something so “alive” about New York, and I say this even though I’ve never been there—except in books and movies.

    Happy blogoversary! June 9 is a memorable day for me, too, since I met my second hubbie on that date in 1970. Long time ago!

    Love the photos…enjoy the day unplugged.

  6. Oohh NYC is the best, isn’t it?! But, yeah, that peopled-out thing happens to me too. I have to remove myself from the population regularly or someone loses a limb lol. A day at home alone with a book sounds ideal 🙂

  7. Happy BLOGOVERSARY!!! I am so envious of your time in New York. I hope to someday make it there and being there for BEA would be awesome!! Enjoy your day!!

    1. You would love it Lori – just be prepared to run from event to event and hail taxi’s at the wrong time of day and wonder if you have time to eat and if so, what delicious place are you going to try? LOL

  8. I love NYC … lucky you getting to visit. Like you, I am always glad to get back to the countryside. It’s always soooo quiet after all the traffic and sirens and clatter and bustle … welcome home!

  9. Great pictures from NY. I liked the one with the rain. Summer rain storms are great (if you can avoid getting soaked) in that they come and go so fast.

  10. Well, I’m a first time visitor from Sat Snapshot and I can see how much fun you’ve had blogging for three years! Congrats♫ Here’s to many more♪

  11. Happy Blogiversary Sheila! You were one of the first book bloggers I met when I started my first book blog 3 years ago. I’ve loved visiting your blog and hearing about all the fun, amazing things you do. I especially love reading about your biking adventures, your travels to Honduras, and your work with your Church. And the books…I’ve found some really great books thanks to you!

    I hope you have many many more years of blogging!

    1. Thanks Vicki – I was just thinking that I am about due for a blog survey (it has been two years) to see what people are reading here at Book Journey – what they like, and if I have recommended any books that they read because of my gushing 😀

  12. It’s actually not St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s St. Thomas Church on the corner of 53rd and 5th. Identified by the medallion facing toward 5th Avenue. Isn’t it gorgeous?? I love the architecture of churches…I should have taken you down to 51st to show you St. Patrick’s Cathedral…breathtaking. One of these days, we’ll spend some time sightseeing in NYC instead of running, texting, and hailing cabs!

  13. I’m pretty sure that is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I think everyone needs some alone time in their week. We often sit in our yard outside and the neighbors on both sides will be out too and there are days when, instead of socializing, I’d rather stay in my chair and read. It feels antisocial at times, but I need to be out to keep an eye on my kids and I don’t get anywhere near the amount of reading and downtime that I used to pre kids and going back to work, so it can be a challenge to let go of that time.

    1. I am about three miles out of town and due to trees and distance I do not see my neighbors (YAY! As when I want to be alone, I dont want “visitors” LOL)
      No kids in my home so I have that deck to myself 😀

  14. Congrats on the three year blogoversary! And I love that shot of the old building in modern-day New ork. 🙂

  15. You met James Dashner? ZOMG. I am SOOOOOO jealous. I love him! I can NOT wait to read the prequel coming out for The Maze Runner series. 😀 There are a LOT of actors there that I would have LOVED to meet. (sigh)

    And I do NOT blame you one bit for wanting to just relax at home with your hubby and your new pup. I would, too! I love people but I am much more of a homebody and always need my “recover” time. 🙂

    Happy 3 year bloggerversary!! Many more to come, I am sure!


    1. Apparently, everyone loves him…LOL The two blogger friends I was with love him too…. I thought he was hilarious! 😀

      Staying home today was the best decision! I mowed the lawn, unpacked, washed clothes, blogged a bit and we ware having friends over for dinner. It has been a wonderful day. 😀

  16. I liked seeing all of the BEA photos, but that rainy one is my favorite on this post. 🙂 It’s nice to see those kind of atmospheric moments caught in time via photography. And as for your evening – those type of friends who you can just relax around are the best sort.

  17. Happy blogiversary! I love your photos! I always say I’m going to take a ton of pictures at BEA but I never do. The Brilliance dinner sounds like lots of fun!

  18. I can totally understand a do-nothing and unplug from people day. I was wondering how you were going to manage that bike ride right off the plane.

    1. Unfortunately next year it will fall exactly the same Leslie… I have to figure that out. I think I would not have been so exhausted but my work week prior to leaving for New York was intense and I never felt like I had any down time/ mental prep time…. 😀

  19. I don’t blame you for wanting to chill out, that would be my decision too. You can only do so much before losing sanity or worse making yourself ill. Thank you for posting photos, especially of Javits, as someone who has never been to BEA it’s nice to see general photos of it.

  20. I think it’s St. Pat’s Cathederal. I think. BUT….the most interesting thing to me is that you were with Allison, who is friends via a parenting board on the internet with my friend Theresa her in little ol Winnemucca, NV. I always think that is just…..just so…. amazing and funny.

    1. That is awesome! Alison and I have a standing “BEA date” each year. I met her the first year I went and we just clicked in books and life… we have a tradition of getting our picture taken each year at the Harper Collins party…. more on that later 😀

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