Morning Meanderings… Audio, A Trip, and Garden Party Wrap Up

Good morning!  😀  Hope you all are finding your Friday morning to already be delightful… the sun is actually out here so I am hoping for a lovely day which I need in order to finish our lawn 😀

This will be a rather sporadic post this morning.  I am usually off on Fridays but this next week while I am away is a big one for a kids camp that I usually help with, a big meeting that I normally do the set up for… BEA pushing back one week this year has put me where I am today – going into work to do some more prep work and hopefully I can be done by noon.  I have not packed yet, I want to get my nails done, prep some food for my hubby here, and pack for my bike ride that will take place right after I return from BEA – RIGHT AFTER as in that bag needs to be in my vehicle.  😀

In a completely random side ways conversation… my audio book order came in from… Each of these was around $3.00 each:

YAY!!!  My summer listening is going to be AWESOME!!!

And finally, if you missed out on the garden party here yesterday for our read a long, Secret Garden, you missed some wonderful party conversations!  I, was late to my own party with a heavy schedule yesterday but caught up with all of you at the end and had a chance to chat with each guest so I feel it was a success.  I have not made it around to all the posts yet, but I will – later today. 😀

There were some winners from the Secret Garden read a long and using while I sit my coffee this morning they are as follows:  

Winner of the Secret Garden DVD:

Ryan from Wordsmithonia!!!


Winner of the book, Little Lord Fauntlerot, also by Francis Hodgson Burnett:

Faith Hope and Cherry Tea from Tea Room


 the garden supplies:

Allie from A Literary Odyssey


and the $5 Amazon Gift Card goes to:

Robin from A Fondness For Reading

Winners please email me shipping info (no po boxes!) at  Robin, I will email you your gift card.  😀

There is also a survey going on yesterdays post about what book I am going to offer up next for a June read-a-long, feel free to put your two cents in – I will announce that book and sign up info tomorrow morning.  See you all later – have a gorgeous day!  😀

21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Audio, A Trip, and Garden Party Wrap Up

  1. Ooh, I see some good looking books on that pile, even if they’re audio…lol

    Moonlight Mile is on my list…and I’m curious about the Susan Lucci book.

    Congrats to the winners!

    Enjoy getting ready for your big trip…..

  2. Now I’m super excited, this will be a treat for me because I’ve never seen the movie.

    I’ll be curious about the Susan Lucci book, i sure do miss her on All My Children and am disappointed they didn’t pick up her Fall show.

    1. I am so glad Ryan – when I seen you won it I figured for sure you would have already seen it! I am looking forward to seeing it as well 🙂

      I didnt know Susan Lucci had a show possibly coming out…

  3. I’m late to the party too! The last few days were more hectic than I had planned. While I did get my review up yesterday I am only now reading the comments and visiting the other participants.

    I didn’t realize had such great prices on audiobooks. Good to know.

    1. have emailed an alternate option reply to your addy query…
      TY sooo much for the giveaways addition to the FuN Garden Party, Sheila!
      loved all the interactions and exchange visits between readalong readers 🙂
      definitely adds to being part of a read a long group !:)

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