Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

You would not recognize that Sylvia at 17 in Bohemian clothes and long flowing loose hair was the same Sylvia 38 years later who was a pressed suit wearing, hair dying, prim and proper politician’s wife.  Life was a ritual of making her husbands schedule, getting his coffee and being by his side as the perfect cookie cutter political wife.

Then a very public scandal rips Sylivia’s marriage wide open and make’s her question everything she has become.  Retreating to her mothers unoccupied seaside home, Sylvia works at distancing herself from the mess her life has become and creating a life she can move forward in.

Sylvia’s daughter Diane is dealing with her own marriage issues.  Her husband Gary’s whiney nasally voice has trampled her last nerve.  He wants nothing more than to stay at home and play games on his laptop while Diane thirsts for more… and more is what she finds in a man she works with at the hospital who seems to be everything that Gary is not.Lizzie, the youngest daughter has already led a troubled life.  Having battled addictions already of drugs and alcohol at her young age, she fights to stay clean and sober, when a man comes along who seems to good to want someone the likes of her. Eventually, all three women wind up at the seaside home… each dealing with major curve balls in their life and trying to process through what the next step should be. 


Author: Jennifer Weiner

I think somewhere along the line of mountains of books and authors I enjoy, I forgot how much I enjoyed Jennifer Weiner (pronounced Why-ner).  Listening to this audio just reminded me that she is not an author to miss.

Usually when a book has several strong protagonists, I usually find myself favoring a story line and going with that.  That is mainly because when you split the top billing character, many times they lack depth and development. 

In Fly Away Home, I have to say I enjoyed all three-story lines.  Sylvia’s story was painful and honest and I loved how she handled herself, even allowed herself to change out of that stiff molding she had placed herself in.  Diane’s story also felt real and captivated me wondering what she would ultimately do, and Lizzie, who never really seemed to live up to anyone’s expectations suddenly finds her own worth.

Really, Fly Away Home is an impressive heartwarming read that does not end with everything tied up in a neat little bow.  Instead it feels real that some questions remain to be answered – and some choices, are still being processed through.  Yet I was satisfied with the way it all ended.

I recommend Fly Away Home as an excellent summer read or listen.

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